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Full text of "Anthroposophia theomagica, or, A discourse of the nature of man and his state after death : grounded on his creator's proto-chimistry and verifi'd by a practicall examination of principles in the great world"

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^ Or t 

fADifcourfe of the Mature of| 
I Man and his ftate after death ; t^ 
f Grounded on his Creaior's Proto-J 

^ Ch;miftry, and vcnfi'd by a pradlicall '^^ 
$ • Examination of Principles in ^ 

* the Great World. f 

I : ; ^ ^ i' 

* By Euqenius PbiLdethes, '^ 

^ Many fhall run roandfro, and know- % 

* ledge jGhall be increafed . ^ 

^ ZoYoa^er inOracuU , ^' 

I Audi Ignis Vocem. ^ 

I * 

^ LONDON, ; 

^ Printed by T,W^ox H^Blnn^emt\S\z * 


lUuftrifsimis^ic vere Re- 

natis Fratribus R. C. Tf<vTB7o«a>r • 

Eclefiae in tumultuofo hoc Sse- j 
culo Apofiolis Pacificis, Salii- ! 

tem a Cerrcro Salutis. 

Uum infummum Altarc 

Jummo ta/ztumPomific\ 

J'M fit^ audem nimis hoji 

Libnm^ f2ec (ine facril^ 

gidV ohis obtrudi tided 

tur . hahet (^ pier J 

fiy(?5CancelIos: Qui f^ccedit in]uJ^P, 

Adaciac, mn Obfequii rem efi. j4llufit 
IlUs olimPoetarum /7/^gigantomachia, 
guds Coelum ^/^//^wexpugnare molieha- 
tur. Nee de^unthac m^r a rotate htVii 
quidam^^ paluftres IgViKMYi^qul Siol- 
Izsfefomniant ^ & foli a latere credun- 
tur. Mfit Engenio A#^^ iy^e^^ Cli- 
max amhitionis ! Hoc ejf^ 

imponere Pelioa Oflfe. 

Ego 5 Fratres NobiJifllmr , irr 
Sacrarii M^KhnXo^nec ad Aram Far hoc 
meum^ Sed hi hitninc mode(liti< ex pom. 
Vellem ( (i mihi in ^enfum aceedijJeM) 
Talia "vobis ojferre^ 

- — Quse fa^cula Pofteriquc pollint 
Arpinisqiioque comparare Chartis. 

Sednon efi quod defperem, T^rodeant 
forfan in Noviflimis,^^/// faculam banc 
meam praferent velSoUbus tufculanis. 
jitque hac quidem rationcMarci TuIIii 


^.oUegajum^ quodineandemlmmom* 
tern rcndir nolkrConfubtus.Peragra- 
i Ego^ Quod h^cs faBitant^ ( non ilU 
i^uintiliani in krea venenata)Vlo{cU' 
culosCoeleftes Ubaturw^&Qui fuavia 
fua ^x Aromarum Moncibus attrax- 
rrunt. Si quid mihi Mellificii f/f, 
•Ego 'lohis Favum hunc ^ C^ alvcare 
'Solent tawen Rofe/;^ aliquorum finu 
(crdefcere : fordefcet forfan ^ hie 
pofler Manipulus ^ quoniam mex 
Mcflis eft. Fateor ^ Errata Eu- 
gQuii funt ^ C<itera Yeritztis. Sed 
quor^um hoc Veritati Teftimonium ^ 
Yobis etiam29izv[t\hus ^ Quibus in 
froi^atulo eft triplex illud Spiritus^ 
^qudi , c^ fanguinis Martyriura ^ 
Sup€rz'aca/2ea eft h^c ^ non auxilia' 
ris rofu/a : Qui (Ikt ad Ccelum^ 
ppit. Accipite ergo ( F. Illuftrif- 
imii) Qi-iadrantetn hunc meum non 
Qttalem VchU ojferre Debui ^ fed 
Quale^n potui. Mens mhi pro Mu- 


nere eft. Hoc etiam pr^fari voluh 
paupcrtas , JVolite Rem ipfam ^4 
fender e^ fed Obfequium 

Oxomi Oratorif Ve^ri 

' 48. 

E, T. 


Demoniu|^ _ 

/this fire ^^^(-^^0 17YJ /laddexi 
(l carve i> ^4^ 20^ ^permij 


mmmM 1 

The Author to the Reader 

Look on this life as 
thcPro^^reffe of an 
EjJeyiceRoyatl: The 
Soui but quits her 
court to fee the coya- 
trey, Heave/i hath m 
it a Scdneoi Earthy 
and had ihebin contented with Ideas ^ 
fhe had not travelled beyond the Map , 
But excellent patterns commend their 
Mimes : feature that vvas/o fair in the 
i)';?^, cbuld not be t(lut\x\ xki^ Ana- 
glyph. This makes het ramble hither to 
examine the Medall by the flask , but 
whiles (he /r^««j: their ^jfwwff^-/^^ fhe 
formes it. Thus her defcent fpeaks her 
Original : God in /ox'^ with his ow« 
beauty {izm^% a ^/^/i? to view it by re- 
fi^^im^ but the fr at lety of the matter 
B exclud- 

The Author to 

excluding Eternity , the compofure was 
fubjeft to dijjotutio^. Ignorance gave 
this rekafe the Name of Death , but 
properly it is the Soules Birth ^ and a 
Charter that makes for hti Liberty ; 
fhe hath feverall wayes to Ireak up 
hoitfe^ but her l?e(l is without a difeafe. 
This is her myflicallvcalk^ an Exit only 
to return, V\ hen fiie takes ^/V at this 
«foe?r, it is without prejudice to her tc 
nement. The Magicians tell mt^Anima 
unim Entisegreditur^ ^ aliud ingredi^ 
tur. Some have examined thif^ and flat€ 
it an Expence of Influences ^ as if the 
iS'a^/exerciTed her Royalty at the ^jif, or 
had fome blinde JurijdiHion in the 
pores. But this is to measure Magicall 
PofitioHS by the flighty fuperficial ftri' 
Bures oCthe common Philojfophy. It is an 
age of IntelleBuall Jlaveries ; If they 
meet any thing extraordinary , they 
prune it commonly with diftinBionspt 
dawb it with falfe Glebes , till it looks 
like the Traditions of Arifictle. His 
:5 /x fol: 

the Reader . 

follovpersilt fo confident ofhis princtples 
they feek not to under fl and whz-t others 
ffeak ^hut tomake others [peak whdXthey 
underftand. It is in N'ature^ as it is in 
Religion', we are ftill hammering of old 
elements J but feck nor the America that 
lyes l?e;jond them. The jUpoftle 
tells us of leaving the firft prin- 
ciples of the P oclrine of Chrifl^and going 
on toperfeBion : Not laying again the 
foundation of Repentance from dead 
works^and of faith towards God\ of the 
hoBrine of Baptifm , and laying on of 
tiands^ of RefurrecJion^ and the et email 
Judgement ; Then he fpcaks of Illumi- 
nation ^oi Taking of the Heavenly gift^ 
dif being partakers of the Holy Ghor ^ of 
Taking of the good word of God , and the 
powers of the ivorld to come. Now if I 
ftiould queftion any SeB (for there is 
RO Communion in Christendom) whi- 
ther thefe later Intimations drive?They 
can but return me to the firfl Rudx- 
tnents^ or produce fbme emptie pretence 
B a ef 

The •Author to 

of fpirh • Our N'aturall Philoja- 
phers are much of a Call with thofe 
that ftep into the prerogative of 
Prophets ^^Vi^ Antedate events in confi- 
gurations^ and motions. This iszcon- 
fequence of as much rtafon^ as if I faw 
the Suede exercifing^ and would finde 
his Defignes ia his poftures. 

fri Js^N^H. Friar ^^^^^ w^"^'d in ^^- 
/or^ between two fteeples^ 

but he that would have difcovered his 

Thoughts^ hj hiffteps^ had been more his 

Fool^ then his Fellow, The Peripate- 

ticks when they define the Soul^or fome 

Inferior Principle^ defcrihe it onely by 

outward circumflances , which every 

childecando , but they ftate nothing 

E/fentially. Thus they dwel altogether 

intheF^f^, their Indeavours zxtmtct 

Titillations^&cthcir Accfuaintance with 

Nature is not at the heart. Notwith- 

ftanding I acknowledge the School^ 

men ingeniom : They conceive their 

Principles irregular, and prefcriber-«/^y 

J 2t for 

me tveaaer . 

for Method^thou^h they wpnt Matter, 
Thdr phi lofophie is like a Chunh^that is 
all difcf'pli/^e^^ndno DoB/i/2e: For^fa^ite 
me t\\Qix prokgomena^ thw form of Ar- 
guing^thcit Reciti/2g ofDi^event Opt* 
nions^wkh feverall other digrefims^ and 
t\\t ftdjlmce oithtk Toftati will fcarce 
amount to zMercury^BcddesjchdvAri" 
ftotle is a Poet in text^ his principles are 
but JF^/z^/V^^and they ftand more on our 
Concefto/jsjihcn his Bottom. Hence it is 
that his followers^ notwithftanding the 
jijfiftance oi fe many Ages^ can fetch 
nothing out of him but Notions : And 
thefe indeed they ufe, as He fayeth Ljf- 
cophron didhis Epithets^ Non ut 
Condimentis^fedut Cihis i^ Their ^jj^- 
Compofitions 2ire a meer Tympa- 
nieo( Vermes. It is better thervaFight 
in Quixot^to obferve vphat Duels ^znd 
Digladiatiens they have about Him. 
one will make him fpeak Senje^another 
Nonrfenfe^ and a third both, Aquinas 
palps him gently , Scotm makes him 
B 3 mnch 

I he Author to 

mnch^ and he is taught like an jipeto 
{htwfeverall tricks. If we look on his 
aciverfaries ^ the leafi amongft them 
hath foyld him , but Telefius knocked 
him in the head , arid Campanella hath 
c]uiteciifcorJ7pofec/hlm. But as that ^^W 
hauKfiter oi the circm had his [cull fo 
fleeld with ufe^ it fhiver'd all the tyles 
were thrown at it , fo this Ariftotle 
thrives by fcuffles ^ and the n>orldcryes 
him up, when trueth cryes him down. 
The Peripatetickes look on c^^^^^as they 
do on Carpe/7ters^ who build wirh flone 
^nd. Timhr^ without any infufjonci 
life. But the rrorW^which is Gods huil- 
ding^ is {\x\\o{ Spirit ^quick^ and living. 
*rhis Spirit is the caufe of rr. ulti plica- 
tif^^of feverall perpetuall produRions 
ofmineraU^vegetaLIes^ and creatures in- 
gendred by putrefaBion : All which arc 
Tnanife^ ^ infallible Arguments of life. 
Befides , the Texture of the univerfe 
clearly d Trovers its animation. The 
arth which is the vifible natural Ba- 

to the Reader 

ps of it 5 reprefcnts the groj?^ carml 
farts. X\\t Element oifVaterzwfvvGvs to 
the Bloud^foi in it the pulfe of the Great 
World beates ; this moft men call the 
IFluxmiRefiux , but they know not 
the true Caufe of it. The air is the out- 
ward refrefhing Spirit^ where this vaj£ 
creature hreathes^ though irrvifthly^ yet 
not all together infenjUly. The I^ter- 
Ular skies are his vital , athereall mi'^ 
iers^ and the ^ars his animal^ fenfuali 
Hre. Thou wilt tell me perhaps 3 This 
is new P hi lofophy ^znd that of Ariftotle is 
)ld. It is indeed , but in the fame fenfe 
IS Religion is at Rowe. It is not thp/^/- 
nitive Trueth o( the Creation^ not the 
Ancient^ reall Theofophie of the He- 
; Wejvs znd Egyptians ^ but a certain /?rg- 
• ematurallupllart^ a Vomit ofjlriftotle^ 
^ vhich his /o//oB?^^ with fomuch dili* 
.i;ence//V)& up, and fwalim. I prefent 
{ ■ hee not here with any Clamorous oppo* 
e ?t/(?« of their Patrone , but a pofitive 
V ^xpreffc of principles as I finde them 
B 4 m 

The Author to 

in Nature. I may fay of Them as Ma^ 
fes faid of the Fiat : Thefe are the Ge- 
nerations of the Heaier^s^ and of the 
Earth ^ in the Day that the Lord God 
made the Heavens ^ and the Earth, 
They are things extra InteUeHum^ 
fenfible pradicall Trueths ^ not meef 
Vagaries \ and Rambles of the Braine, 
I would not have thee look on my /«- 
deavours as a defigne of Captivity : I i? -• 
tend not the Conqueft^ bur the exercife 
of thy Reason ^ not that thou fliouldeft 
fvpeay Allegeameto my DiRats , but 
compare my Conclufioas with Nature^ 
and examine then Correfpondency. Be 
pleafed to confider^ that OhjUnacy in- 
(laves the Soule ^ and clips the wings 
which God gave her for pght , and 
Bifcovery. Ifthou wilt not quit thy 
jirijlotle^ let not any prejudice hin- 
der thy further fearch • Great is theic 
Number who perhaps had attain d to 
perfeHion^ had they not already thought 
them [elves perfeR. This is my ^^-j 


tne Keader . 

vice \ but how wellcome to Thee I 
know not. If thou wilt kick and fihg^ 
I {hall fay with the Cardinally Etiam 
AfintM metii recalcitrat : for I value 
no Mans Cenfuve. It is an j^f^e 
wherein truth is neer a Mifcarri- 
age^ and it is enough for me that I 
have appeared thus far for it^ in z Day 
of Nectfay . 

E. S. 

• AMM^%^AMMM% 


HEN I found out this 
Truah , That Mofz in 
his Originall was a 
Branch f [anted in God 
and that there was a 
contmuall Infinxe from 
t\itStocl^lo the Sion , I 
was much troubl'd at his 
Corruptions^ and wonder V his Frufts were not 
correfpondeist to his Roote, But when I was told 
lie had tafted of an other Tree, my admiration 
was quickly off. it being my chiefccaretor^- 
^uc.^ him to his firfl Smpticttie, and feparatc 
his MixtwresoiGood zxAEvili, But his fall 


2 Anthropofbphia 

hadfo bruifcdhim in his i^e/} part, that his 
Soulehad no knowledge left to ftudy him a 
Cfire^ his Piinifhment prefcntly followed his 
I Trefpaffe: yilata funt omniA^intra.-' 
C.Agrip. j vttq\obltvio mater ignorantidi.'D^xs 
de vanit. | /^^f/,^ remained not, in his body, bi4C 
*^^^"^* { ;?4/7f«^ together with his 7V^r//r^, 
made his Polierity her ChanneU, ImperfeEiions 
2Xit2Sy inher nance ^ bat Vertue fcldomc finds 
any Heires , Man had at the firft, and (o have 
all Souls before their Intrance into the body, an 
ExpliCite methodical/ knowledge ^ but they are 
no fooncr refeFd but thac Liberty is loft, and 
nothing remaines but a Vaft confuted Notion 
of the (^r^ature^ Thus had I only left a Capa- 
city without Power, and a Will to doe that, 
which was far enough above me. In this per- 
plcxity I (ludied ieveiall ^'^rts, and ramerd 
over all thofc Vjventwns which the folly of 
man call'd Sciences-^ But thele endeavours ibr- 
ting not to my purpose I quitted this Books- hf^- 
fineffe, and thought it a better courfe to ftudy 
N*ii%reih^n Qfrnwn, Hereupon I confidered 
with my l*elfe,that man was not the Tftmittve 
immediate xvorke ofGcjdh'dt the IVorld^ out of 
which he was made . And to regulate my ftu- 
Jies in point of Methode, 1 jnd9,'d it convcni-' 
ent to examine \\\s^Prmctples firft, and not him^ 
But the World in gencrall being too large for 


Theomagica. 5 

IncfHifttion ^ I lefblv'd to take Part for the 
Whole, and to give a guefle at the Frame by 
Profortioyi. To perfed: this my Ejf^y. I tookc 
CO task the Fruits of o ne Sfring: Hcrelobfer- 
ved a great many VtgetAhles frefh and beauti- 
ous in their Ttme^ but when I looked back on 
their Ortgmal^ they were no fuch things as FV- 
getables. This OhfervatioK I apply'd to the 
tvorld^ and gained by it this Inference : That 
the World tn the begv/ining was no fuch thing 
06 It IS, but fame other feed or matter out of 
which that Fabricky^\\\Q\\ I now behold , did 
arife. But relhng not here ^ I drove my Con- 
ctufion further ; I conceav'd thofe feeds whereof 
Vegetables did rpring,muft be lomething elfe at 
firft then Seeds ^ as having (on\t fr dtext ft ent mat^ 
ter wherof they were mad e,but what that mat^ 
/■frfhould be I could not guefle. Here was I "" 
forc'd to leave off Speculation^ and come up to ~ 
Experience, Whiles 1 fought the World, 1 - 
went beyond it, and Tvvas now in Quett of a - 
Stibft-ance , which without Art I could not fee. - 
Nature wrapps this moft ftrangly in her very -. 
bofome, neither doth (he cxpofe it to any thing - 
but her own Vttall Cdclefliall Breath . But in 
refpedt that God Almighty is the onely proper 
immediate Agent which actuates this matter, 
as well in whe work of Generation^ as formerly 
4 in his CrmiQn^ it will not be amiffcto fpeak 



ibmethingof Him, that we may know tht 
(^aufe by his Qreaturcs ^ and the Creatures 
by thejr Cmfe . 

My Cjod^my Lifei whole Effence man 

Is no way ht to Kmw^ or Scayt'^ 

But (hould aproach thy Court a Guefi 

In JhoHghts more /<?7r, then his Reqnefl, 

When I confider, how Iftray^ 

Methinks 'tis Pnde in mec to Tray 

How dare I fpeake to Heaven^ nor feare 

■Jn all my Stains to court thy Sare ? 

But as I iooke on Moles that Lurke 

InhXxnA I mrenchmems, and there workc 

Their owne darkc Trtfiyn to repairc , 

Heaving the Sarth to take in Aire : 

So view my fettcrd Soule^ that mu ft 

Struggle with this her Loadof Dnfi 

Meet her Addrejjc\ and add one Ra) 

To this w^w>'^ P^ircell of thy "Z)*:^ 

.SAc? would though here imfrfond, fee 

Through all her^Z)/rf thy 7 /7r<?;?^ and Thee o 

Z^r^ guide her out of this fad Ntght 

^d fay once more, Let there be Light, I 

It is Gods own pofiti ve truth ilnthe ^ 
BegimiHg That is , la that dead filence^ E fdi". 
in that horrible dr empty Darkles when 
^/}ft nothing w»^5/^jii^w^,then(faith the brd) 


Theomagica. 5 

did I c&njtder thofe things, and they all nvere 
made through me alone ^ and throngh non other ^ 
By me alfo Jhall they be ended a*id by none other. 
That Meditation forerunns every 
Worke, is a thing fb w-eli knowne to man, that 
he needs no further Dciiionftration of it then 
his owne PrA^ike,- That there is alfo in God 
fomething Analogicall to it from vpUmcc Man 
derived this Cuftomary Notion of his; As it is 
mort agreeable to Reafon, lb vvithail is it very 
futable to Providence. Dij (laith inmbltcti/^ 
concfpiunt in fe totum opus, antequam parturt- 
»»t..And the Spirit 'here to Sjdras, Then did 
I conjider thefe thmgs , He confider^d them 
firfi and made tl^jem afterwards, God in his -^ 
tcrnall Idea , forefaw That whereof as yet 
there was no Materiall (opy: The goodnes aixl 
Beautr of the one, mov'd him to create the c- 
ther, and truly the Image of this Trctotjfe 
being imbofom'd in the Second made Hjm {o 
much in love with his Creature, that vhcn 
Sin had defac'd it. He reftor'd it by tl"ic fufter- 
ingofthat Patter rte by w^hich at firit it was 
raade, T>yontfiusxhtAreopagnc,YA-\oY\\'^ in 
the Primitive Times, and received the Myik- 
ries of Divinity immediately from tbc A- 
poftles, fiiks God the Father, fometimes Area- 
tmm Dtvtnitatts, fomtimes Occibum tUud Su-- 
ferffibjhntialeoxid ellcwhec€ iic compares kmi 
v:- to 

6 Anthropofophia 

to a %ppte, whole Flowers are the Second and 
Third P erfon , This is true; For God .the Fa- 
ther is the Bafis oi fupernaturali Foundation of 
his Creatures: God the Son, is the Patterne in 
whofc exp.effc Image they were madei And 
God the rioly Gholt is SpiritHs Opifex, or the 
Agentj who fram'd the rr^«^f//re in a juCk fym^ 
ryietrie to his Type. This Confideration or type 
God hath fince ufed in the performance of in 
fertour work/. Thus irtthc Inflitution of his 
Temple he commands C^-^/^^ to the cJ^-'^'^^ 
where the Divine Spirit fhews him the Idea 

of the future Fahruk.; And let tljem 
Exod. make me a S and: nary that I may dwell 

among f} them ^ according to all that I 
(Jjew thee^after the p at t erne oftl^e Tak rnacle^i^ 
the pattern of ail the Inflnmtents thereof even 
fijh'ill yoH make it. Thus the Divine mtnddoth 
inih:u6k\lSporri:gendo}:deas c^iiadam extenfione 
fi^ejttrafe,2nd fometimes more particularly 
in dreames. To Nebuchadnez^z^ar he preien ts a 
Tree fir ong and high ^ reaching, to tlje He a. 
vens, and the fight thereof to the ends of the 
Earth , To T^haraoh lie fhews feven Ears c) 
Come ; To Jofeph he appears mjheafes, and iher 
•refcmblcs the Sun, (^Moon and Stars, To con 
elude he may cxprefle himfclfe by what he will 
for in him are innumerable^ et email H^rototypes 
and he is the true Fountainc. and Treafure o 


Theomagica. 7 

r#/' But that we niaycomc atlaft toth^ 
coptyiopoicd : God the father \s the Met a' 
ohyfic.ili^ fti-percelefltallSH^i^Thcfico'/idPerfo^ '. 
[S the /i^htj and the Third is Amor in^fievu^ or ^ 
Divpe he. lie proceeding f om ^^f / .Now with* 
out the prefey.ce of thi:. tJ-^-f there is no Rece' 
^tto/} of the Lio^ht. and byConrcquence no /a/- 
finx from the Father of L tghts For this Aryior 
is the (JM^cdtum which «J7/>f.f the Lover to that 
which is beloved.^ probably tis the PLitonickj- 
Damo/! magf7HS^ Q^i con ur<git . nos fpirituurn 
frs^fcchiiru . I could f|">eak much more of the 
Offices o£ thh Lovi.jr Jpirit ^ but thelc are 
M^^gnaltal^ei^ CT N.-.tarA , and require noc 
ornDtfcHfTe ^ fo much as our reverence. Here 
alio 1 might fpeak of ihit fe/pcrriatura// (jC/je- 
ration^ whereof Tri(megi[nt6 .- Moyias gigmt 
Mo'/iitdeyi^ Cr t^ fe fmim rffie^it Ardorem ; But 
i leave this to the Almighty God as his own Sf- 
[eritM, (^cmr.iUmyflcry. It is my onely Inten- 
tion in this place to handle Exterior AElions^ 
or the Procefle of the Trii<jty from the ^'/f/* 
to the Circumference ; And chat I may the bet- 
ter do it, you are to undcrftand.that God before 
his v^ork^oi C'^^eatton was wrapped up.and con- 
tracted in himfeif In this ft Ate the Egypiijuis 
ftilc him Moyi^is fo/itart^.znd the C^b.ilifts A^ 
lejfhtenebrofum'^ But when the decreed Inftant 
q{C nation came, then appeared zAte^hLUcU 

8 Antftfopbfophia 

dum^ and ttfe [wfi iSrihmtfo'h M^ tfiat oF th!: 

holy G hQJl into the boforh of the n^^ttr, Tiift 

, we icad that Dar'khejje wns rfpoh theptc^ 

^"^"^ ^f r^v deep and the fpj/h dfXSod meh^M 

upon the face of the wMer's, ttei4 yoo ai^ tt) oB^ 

ferve that hotwithfl-ai^diyig this proctffe of The 

thirdj)irf6'4,'yet vpas there ho Light , xhtd^rks 

fjejfeoh the fice of the derp , I lltibimnro^ prb - 

ifei'Ty being the OjJ^"^ of the feco-Zid, vvhei-efoi"^ 

Cod zMo when the matter Was frepif^d t^ 

t>ove for L///jr gives out Tiis F/a/- L A*, "Ovhkh 

<vas no Cfeation2iSmC)^ thinic , t>ut an Fw^.. 

hatmjofthh i^ord^ in whom vv:iS'/ffi^ a^nd that 

//fe is the fi^ht 6f Mea, This is that light 

- "^ereort aint John fpeaks, tly^t it Jh rties ih tfie 

^ Sarky-^jfe , and the ddrk^effe co^reh^hckd it 

l^t. But leftl fe'cm to be (ingiilaiitithis point, 

iWingiveyoamoie evidence. Pimavidros rn- 

fbirming rr//5w^^//?zi^ in the ft<??^ of the (y^- 

tto»{c\ls hiiiiVhe lelf-fame thing. LumeWittud 

*E?ofpim, Ji^emfiem TUUs amiifiiior ^MhtVit'' 

tHra huhftda^^Mdi. ex Hmbfdefftiljit, And<?<?«r- 

V/>« J^emttU {xi^^sBci^ de Harihoaia hfUMdi • 

ymne quod vHrit fydpter Hnclnff^h^ C^^ 

ierem vtv'it^ fhde cotUglt'Ur Olldfis W" 

mrdht vim habere th fe h;itM9n , % H^HV- 

j?<? .y^///}w d^nfam .imo dh»"^ ex f'pfe'fl- 

Ba ep fefBifH'r Zoroapfh \ iMfh ^kft , O- 

vimA pf 'Ighc mo ^enits f^. *f£ftt "^fpt 


iMi?, ^nem Dew Ignea €^cmi4t HahUator , (/s^ 
^iat9 mt) kneffe jHJfitftMter^ C^bU , (^ T^rr^ 
yitm€fie^A^ ntdi ^ informi .-^ V4tnm p-r£fia^ 
TC,C7' forfHOfff, Hmc iil-ts fredtitlis fiatim 
'-ffitw/^Oprfix, fit Lnic: frc^xv ^C'/idopi 
(wadn&^h hiivU Ftat Ihx^ Non emm faBa efi 
Imx^fsd Rehns ^mc ohfi:uri6 commtiyncata^i^. 
Jtfita :-m infuts Formic Q^"'^^^ qj' ffle^idemes 
Icrem, Bwt ED proccail : No iboner ha^i-the 
^vincX/^^r pierced the Bijf'^ni ofxkc A^^-^rtr.^ 
Mirt the I^cn^^x: Pattern of the whok Mateiial 
vVorfd appeared in thofc pr^mith'e waters like 
M9L h»ag€ in a Cj'.tjfe :hff this Pattern it wa« 
kffit the Holy Gi\ofl fram'd and modelled the 
iniverUi Sci'iK^jre.This M\4krV'Or ap|x:arancc 
^ uhc /^iai is fcxceWently mainfelled in the 
Mngtcall Am ilyfis of Bodje« ; ( For he .that 
too ws how to imitate the Tr^^r^-C hymtflrieo^ 
be SpB?it,byScparrationof the Principles where* 
fttlieIjrfeiisJniprironed,niay fee tlielmprefle 
tf iitfeKpewmcntaiW m the ourward imtwall 
Koftmieiits. Bttt left youOiould think this my 
ifcwnnioniattd no Praclicall Triveth. I wili p^ 
<Ni «Hfittksr Mattis -toHiniony. Qntd .ijti^fo.dice-- 
mm4n tmiti i^tlafifhi^ (fmh^oift) t^si'UtaaTv. 

mmfms-*i^f^i*tttm<C»l{mihHs,^ '^mnfipn ints- 

'€t ! Credo mmmnmm Jim»cxMtg*G4i 49tclt*^ 

C 7. fiifH> 

lo Anthropofophia 

ftim dicerefit iiludere fenfibHS htimanis. Thcy 

arc the words o^Y)o^ox. Marci in his Drfmfic\ 

Idearum Opermtricmm, B-it you arc to be ad-j 

mo nifhcd, there is a twofold Idez : DiVine amij 

- Naturall. TheNaturallisaficfy, invifible.crc-l 

- ated Spirit , and properly a meer Inclolurc , or 

veftinient of the true One.Hence the FUtomckj 

called it Nimhm Numims Dsfccyjdentis, Zo- 

' roafier^ and (bme other Philofophers think it ij 

Anima Mnndi , but by their leave they are 

mirtaken, there is a wide ditierence bccwixt -^- 

ttima and Spir/tus.Tjut the Idea I fpcak of here, 

is the true primitive exemplar one , and a pure 

Influence of the Almighty. This Idea before the 

Co,t(iHlatton of the fcmhmll -principles to a 

grofle, outvvard f ^^?'/<^4 , which is the End oh 

Generation , imprelleth in the Vttall Etheiealt 

principles a Modcli, or Pattern after which th« 

Body is to be framed, and this is the firfi inward 

produdlion, or Draught of the Creature. This 

is it vvhich the Dtvine Sptnt intimates to us ill 

that Scripture where he faith, y hat Gea 

^"' (reated every plant of the, fie Id he fore tt 

was tn the ground^ and every herb of the field be* 

fore ttgrerv. But notwithftanding this prcfcncc 

of the fdea in the Matter, yet the Creation waj 

not performed Sxtramittendo aliejuid de Ef 

fentta Ides, for it is God^ that Comprehends hii 

Creature, and not the Creature God, 


Theomagica. , - 1 1 

Thus farre have I handi'd chis primitive fii^ 
{^pernaturdi p.zrt pf the Creattoyi, Imuftcon- 
i- fcfle it is but fliort in iei"pc6lof that which may 
belpoken, but I am conficienc it is more then 
formerly hath been diicoveicd; Some Authors 
hivi'igno: fearched fo deeply into the Centre 
of Nature & others not willing to publifh luch 
Sp ritual my Jhries,\2in\ now come to the,^^*^/r 
1 0ork, or mechaKtck s o^th& Spirit^^nxiAy the/^- 
ifarAtto^i oikvazW ftyfiayices from the fame. 
Muffei but in the firft place I flial examine that 
Lymbus or Huddle of AfAttsr wherein all 
(things were (b flrangely contained. It is 
the op nion ot lomc men. and thofe learned , 
That i\\\sjluggijh empty Rudemf t of the < rea* 
ture was noc^r^^ff^^ thing, I muft confefle the 
Point i:> obicurc as the thing it ieife, aitd to 
ftace it with Sobiiety except a man were illu- 
minated with the lame Light that this (^haos 
was at fiiii, is al:ogeiher impoffiblc. For how 
can wee judge of a Nature differrent froni our 
iovvne. whofe Spcctes alfo was fo remote from 
any thjng fmv extfierd^ that it is impoffic4e for 
Fancy to apprehend ,much more for Reafon to 
define it. If it be created, I conceive it the Eftct 
iofthe ^Divine tmagmatign a6ting beyond it 
ihUc'm Contemplation, of that which was to 
iCome, gni producing this Pa (five d.irj^nejfe 
fpr a Subjcft tawoike upouin the Ctrctunfe^ 
C 3 rence 

12 Ant\wopo(ophii 

rencc* Tripne^ifhis kaviflg fidi fJcpreff hist!^ 
Vtfion of i'fgl^t^, describes the Matter in ttsj 
frtmittve ft arc thu^ Et^mdo fofi (faith he )|if 
Tenehr£ dear pirn ferehantur , parftm tr^pkia«4^ 
ddC^ ac triftes effecl^t tortuofa termijMtA: ut ma.' 
firiArer me vidijj'e commntMas Temhr^ m hu- 
Midam gfftanadm Ntitnram nitra e^am di€i\^ 
■potejf agitAtam^ C^ veht ah tgriefpimum evome. " 
rtyac fonftm attcftirm edere memtMcial^ikm^ f^ 
hi^tibrem. Certainly thele Temkrd he fpeakes 
Cff or fulf^tmnts (fAwne of ISfatmre^ wtre the 
£rfl created Matter^ for that Water wcread ot ^ 
in Gcnsjls was a Prodirft or fecondary SuK- j^ 
ftincc . Here atfb he feemes to agifee ftrthw |j 
uith the Mof^tcallTruditioyf, Far thi$ Fttmus J 
which ascended after tlie Tran mutation can '* 
l>c nothing dCt but that Dark»ejfe which was ¥ 
upon th^ Face ofche Decpf ; Rrt to cxf wjde the ^ 
particular Mode or way of the (reattan^ you ■ 
arc toiuiderftaud,that in the Matter there was J 
zhorril^/e co^fitfedQHdlme^ or ftupifying Spirit 
of Moyf^re, CqU and Davknefife; In the oppo- 
fite principle of Light there was /f^^ff and 
che Efkt\ of it Siccitie; For thefe two are no€ 
Elemental I qualities as the ^^/<fi«/?/ and mj 
*JPcripatetick_s fiippofc : But Aiey afc ( if Inia) 
fey fe ) the Hands of the di vine Spirit by whicli 
He did workc upon the Matter, apptying ete- 
ry Agent to his propct Patrene. TWf two Ht 

^^v^ ^Y^i M4<;HMMe, Tlipif of ^^oyfll^:^ jui^ 

^s the /?£>/;jf QJ^fi and the ^f^r^ ( for it was nqj 
;be op^ nQr the oth?r,b.ut b,Qtli,4f '^w ^fif<^^ ^^ 

p^f^^r^, as trifmegtfi{4f\i2Ll\\ it ; I qmic 
that Speech, X c^f (/^ ;5»4lf mr^, v^hit^ 
eife^^iajlyf prQD¥e§ their U^io» ip rh? fi^"^ 
■V^oi'^c ) had jipplyed thp^pfe| vps to thp^ 
\M4Her, th^rg was exfradied ^-pm Ifbe Bpfp^? - 
gf if a f^/»i?tf ^firij^^all (;i/fy?/^/^'J^^^^«f^, -^ 
l^jgh receiving afinAurcof^f^f ^j]dX/^if 
MQceeding Pgni t|i?piyin^^ 
\p4re (incers tma^iQta Fixf. Of thjs ppe B<q- *' 
llycsof AiigeH? cpnp, aiaJ/^tffp j^nff)[r'i§4fl - 

|j»/«w P^i, ^ N^titrf , the ErQ jn4 W 9^ 
LfiQijipoTitipMs. Tte ^-it^'^^fecipg t}u|s fctkil 
Latpvp, andfeparafed ffpipffe (Jli^jfi, JTCtfiipd 
[in it a -i^^y? ppr^ioyi of L tgk[ and rn:^|e the &tt 
.P^y withjgut aSp^ But the Sjo/f^^c^^roftljc 
[ ff>r<^, e^pcJlipg tiie P^r^^s )dpvyn.W^r^§ it 
^ {>£ca.m.e niore l^tl'd, aofl ^ipa^ to^^ri^^ the 

Thus God(^sthc%b;e>v \i^n itj VVi^^bc- 
I twecnc ^ Light ^ndthe 'P^rhi^ff, Ipf t^^c 

f€cotidf€p^0rm^^w^^mi ^^ %#? V* 

C 4 TripnegiflffS 


1 4 Anthropofophia 

Trifmegtfipu calls it a Spirit not ib reined a* 
the former, but vitaJl, and in the next degi ee to 
it. This was excra6led in liich abundance that 
it fiird all the fpace from the Majfi to thefw- 
|?}r^.////?f^':;f;^, under which it was condens'd 
to a water, but of a diffei'ent conrtitution from 
the Elcmcntail, and this is the Body of the /»- 
te-~fielh'r skte. But my Per p^erickj {olhw^ 
ing the Piinciylcs of Arifioth 2i\\^ Ptohmie, 
have rmagia'd io many wheeles there wjth their 
f nal diminutive ^/r!c/\f that th?v haveturn'd 
that regular ^'^r;r/^ to a rumbl.n^ Confiifcd 
Labyririth, The Inferior portion of this lecond 
Extract from the Uoo/i to the Srth rem^aincd 
LAtr ftillpartly to divide the inferior and fu: e- 
rior Waters, "b J t chiefly for the Reipintion, and 
Nourifhment of the Creatures. This is that 
which is properly called the Firmament, as it is 
plain out of Ejdr^u ; On the Sscjud Day thoti 
didaft- create the Sptr it of the Ftrmamnt •. for 
it\s Ligamentum totms N..tHr£ ^ and in the 
outward Gtomctrieall Composure it an(\A'Crs to 
Natura mcdici ^ for it is fpread through all 
Things, hinders Vacuity,and keeps all the parts 
of nature in a firm, invincible union. 

This is Crihrum Naturd '2S one 
wittily calls it. a thing appointed for pj"., 
nio(l fecrct and myfkiious offices, but j(^eft°t?. 
we ihali fpeake flirther of it^when we ' j 


Theomagica. 15 

Come to handle the Elements particularly. No- 
thing now remained but the Two inferior prin- 
ciples,as we commonly cal them^Earth and wa- 
ccr. 'The S^irtbyjuS an impure Sjlphureous 
fHbftdena\oxCap!4t m'lrtHum of the Creation. 
The water alfo was Phlegmatick , crude , and 
raco , not fo vital! as the former Extractions 
But die DivtKc Spmt to make his work per- 
fe6t moving alio upon Thefe.imparted to them 
Ltfe. and Hcate , and made them fit for future 
Produdions. The Earth was foovercaft, and " 
Mantl'd with the Water, that no part thereof' 
^was to be feen : But that it might be the more ' 
imrhediatly expo led to the Ccc/efiiall Infiuen^ 
ces^ which are the Caufe of Vegetation , the 
Spirit orders a Retreat of the Waters, 
(creaks r^p for them hi^ decreed pLtce , aj'jd . ^^ ' 
fets them Bars and Doors, The Light a? yet 
was nor confined, but rctcining hisyaftJFIux, 
and primitive liberty^ equally poflcli the whole 
Creature. Oa the Fourth Day it was colle6led 
-to a Sun , and taught to know his Fountain* 
The darknefjfe .whence proceed the Corruptions, 
and confequcntly the death of the Creature, 
-Was imprifoncd in the Centre , but breaks out 
Itill when the D ly gives it Leave, and like a 
baflfl'd Gyrrtt thruUs his head ou: of doors in the 
Ahfenee of his Advcrf.iry, Thus Nature is a 
Lad) whole face is heamcoHs^ but not without 


lb Anthroj^iophia 

a BUck^h^. Howfocver when it fJiall plea& 

Gad moife'perfciflly to i&efim his Cr^4*«rf.fihi* 
Tin6kuF€ (hall be expelkj quite beyoii4 them, 
and then it will be an Otawurd darl^aejff froiu 
^'hich Good Lord deliver us 9- 

Thuii h^ve I given y.©u a CufCor'ig, ^nd R^t 
§xfyeffe ©f the Crest Km in ggneiall ; I Qi^jj 
now Aa^imA to a nior« particuli^r Bxainiiiation 
efN^tur^ arid efpecialty j^r Ivfyvm , f /^^ 
m^m^li farts ^ through which ^4» p»(iesi| 
^aity,tn4 ftom which h^ cannot hsico^t^^^ 
I W48 abaut to deHll in this placG tp prsv^nt |i| 
fdtvat Acclamations ; for wh«n a Fntpatittclf^ 
[ ^ jlpdf^ h€r€ but r/?r^#, nay but ri^a g^uuwf Ehr 
11^ iti^»^r £4r/^/j, and ^afer , fof the Z4:r is ipmtr 
^ ihif^g <"di:e : will he not cry out I have comi«kr 
^^-|pd Saertlege againR Namre^ and iiol^ the fiif 
Irani H«|f ^itar ? This isJKoile indeed : but till 
Xhey take Coach in a Cloud, and difcovfir that 
idol they picfipr m^t to thp (^oav, I ana refbj- 
V€d to continue in my Here fie, i am npt on^y 
of Oftmox\^ but i zmfure th«r« is np fuch /»•/>;- 
^/;>/«' iii N Mitre, The F/r^ which flie ulcth , is 
Mo^izjon Corforeorum ^ (^ Iftcorftor^or/iffi, 
Ngxus utrmfcjHe Oiiindi, (^ SigtlUm Sfir^- 
fHifdntki. It is no Chyn^Ara ^ Commeiitttions 
i^/rf^ii^tethat of the School-men. I fliall 
therefore Requdl my Friends tlie Pertfateticks 
to return thek fourth Element io^riJ}ok,t^^^ 


17 TbeomagiQ. 

he may preitnt it tc^ ^Aitx^t^^ die Gh^ as 
t^fi/^f^t oUtntm T9Ctrid,{a£ thej?e is np litch 
Thing in the a/</. 

Toprocceii th«fl:The S4rth (asy€i|w?ic 
toW befbie) being the Si^fidf»ct, or R^nM^nes 
©f that Pr»muiVf M^ff, which God fetti^ 
•ut oflXwkmffe^ muft needs he a tdtctd^at im- 
fgrf Body .• ftar tKc Extrdkmf which th^ B/- 

fitkflamf* : hut the ^J'^, ^:iegmavck^, iadf- 
^ifiid htmntrs fittU<i tike i!^^j fowa>4s the 
Cftttrr l\^Esartb\%ffi4Kgtt^ formSymdm^l- 
ir#f ic4j//,of Compofition /o(?^, the beet^ lei ^fe 
^ the Overall I»fiufi$efte^ Neat, fiiUiifs apd 
Thvfs for the A^«yiwv,%iid C«iy^ri^w« of hic 
Pr^dn^f. In her is the ^nnetpAll I^^fid^m^ P^ 
that Mafi^ix\ which 4ttydki , 4flci r^^<^/ die ,;^ 
^^r«i llx)m the Maf^tinfi' psr-t of the »wf/^. 
fte is Natures e/^^^^ : heirc ritU4ii «btH«J^- 
cift himielf , not that iimftug , ^Pij^tic^tl (ms ^ 
which hahed, after hia fW/, but a |ia<r^, C^ejki-. -f 
dU^fhJ^telt^Fireytft. have ajh'^n^y here und^i' f 
our feei, the fhi*rs tre refidenc wi:h u§ , i^M %- 
but Janee of Jew^h and ^umam-^s, fnf ]► pHe 
^ Nmrfe%wAReefftaehJ[ aii Thingf , for the 
SHperter Natures ingulph themfel res into /^vr, ^ 
vvbat fhc receives this v-^/^, (l\e difcevers to the ^ 
~iif.vr,andJikc a faithfull Treufurer conceo^ks 
no part of hc^ tA<:c^r:ts, Her prc^, C»nge^ 
fKall Qtialtty is Cold. I am 

i8 Anthropofbphia 

I am now to fpealt of the iVattr, This is \1^ 
fii ft Element w c lead of in Scr'ftnre , the n off 
A'Ctent of Trrrjciphsz.n6 the (Jlfother ot all 
T^;»^^.f ai'norgl^^//^L.' ; without the wcdna^ 
tio^ ci this the £^rr^^ can receive no bhjp^g at 
all for yl^^iy?//r^ is the proper r^^y o^ AUxm 
ture^nd Fufw/:, The jr.^frr hath (everall /^^w- 
jp/^^f/^?^* accoidingto the fe vera 11 parts of the 
Creature Here ^^ /^w? , and in the CtrcHmfe-. 
rence of all t'lin^s it is voUtil,, aJid >*rif<;. 
For this very Caulc Ndtnre makes it no part of 
h^provifto-y}^ but (he reHtfies it fiift, exiult?<g it 
up with her //r^/- , and then conde^fng \t to 
Kaws and I>^»?/, in which State Qic makes ;//^ 
of it for Nourifhment.Somc where it is Interior, 
vitall, and CoelefluitL expofcd to the Breath of 
the fir ft ^gf^t^ and ffir* ed with S^irttHAll^ <«- 
termll Windes. In this Condition it is Na^ 
j^ tares Wanton, Ff^mma. Sat^c-jfim^ as One 
^ calls it. This is that Pfyche of Apulettis^zud the 
<- Fire of Nature is her C»f>'W. He that hathieen 
^Them both in the fame Bed , will confeflc tlut 
love rules All. But to fpeak fomething of our 
Common Elemental water. It is not akc^ether 
Contemptible, there are hidden Trcafures in 
it. but fo inchanted we can not fee them, for all 
the Chcft is nanlparent. Sptrttas AqHA Invi- 
fibilis conqeUtHs melwr efi Terra Uht- 
x/^/i, faith the floble^and learned Sendivow. I 


Theomagica. 19 

doc not advice the Reader to take this ?hlegm 
to task, as if he could Extrad a ye^^tu from the - 
Sea, but I willi him to liudy waier.that he may -t- 
know the ^ire, .^ 

I have now handled the Two Slemems^ and 
more I canno: finde ; I know the Pertpate^ 
t'ckj pretend to four , and with the help of 
their Mailers Qt^raeffc--c to a fife Principle. I 
fiiall at leyfuie dinjjnfh their (lock, but the 
thing to be now fprken of, is Air. This is no - 
Element , but a Certain miraculous Herma^ - 
plorodt. the Camer^t of two worlds, and a Med- 
ley of Extremes. It is natures Common Place, 
he- 1: dex, where you may fInde all that ever 
fhe did, or inr ends to do. This is the worlds 
Pitneorick^: The Excurfions of both Globes 
meet here, and I may call it the Rendezvouz. Li - 
this are innumerable Magicall Forms of Men - 
and Bearts, Finli and Fowk, Trees, Heibs , and ^ 
all Creej'ing Things This is M^ire Kemm in^ - 
VtfibtltPim^ for all the Conceptions m jinufupC'^ - 
riori4 Natiir£ wrap them felves in this77jl^«2!» ^ 
before they imbark in the fhell. It retaines the 
fpecies of all Things whatlocver. and is the Im- 
mediate Receptacle of Spirits after DuTolution, 
wherice they pafle to a Superior Ltmbus, I 
(ho a id amaze the Reader if I did relate the (c- 
verall offices of this hody^ but rt is the Ma^ici^ 
^jPackJqi^^ aiid none buc Faends comeiftac 

20 Anthropofophia 

V^^buM have you kn6\^>tTt« AirisOerpnatfitt. 

--Li' Oyl, ihe Fuel! of the Vital , $ci*fiial Ste, *^ 
\\4tiK:^Ht W'liich \v« c^w*ot labhrt 4 Ali- 

I am ftow-eoftie to the fourth, And f ali fiib* }^ 
fiaiKc . the H jglidl ^^ 5<r<e '<i Natura . Th ere 3$ 
^ i'ioFiftj^rirtCifle ftoQutfitefTcnce At Artfi&th |kI 
dlTai'ii'^'tiutGed AiitiigiKy. ThisfW-r;^-^ 

'- thbrbiigh ftll'thiflgs hi the vvoty , a!ld ft is Nn^ 

'- ttrresChifiot, in ^isil^ rides, \Vkfii^m6t^ 

-this ffidves, and vvhcfi H* ftat^ this f tods, 

\\\it the W'hceicsiin Ez^e^^e/ Whdle M^tiofi cte- 

plrndedonthatoft^tefpim. Thi$ isfbcMask^ 

irftd steen of the Ahnighty, wk^^foevtt: h^is, 

l!li$Yfain&of fiw attefids Hiffj. T4w3fe 'htap- 

fitntis fo L^*fofes\t\ the Biifli, b«t it ^^tmTifT. 

The Prophet fees hiitn hfcak <>«(t ^c the'Ncrtb, 

butiikeaFirecatehmgit Jttf. At H^^ni; teis 

iitttndedv^^ithi ft^jghfjf #0«; \tH«te ttndii^ 

theR^cfeto pitt^§ , mit nfti this twites «te 

firt. tind "Wkh h aftiPl ffffttt'^ioe.-£/ii?r/te*jHb 

dtfines Hftti ^-God , vAidk Semct^sOmwr- 

fent in Winde, and Fire. Thiis fireife tht ^^ 

yhefit of the Divine M^^y, \\^ Back^^rcs 

•^hich lie (>ifwed ro ^»^:f, kit Itiii ftiAed,R^ 

«fl Effect n<!^iD:m*t,««ili^s^*t^*^ 1^ 


ThecMnagica . 21 

f his prince vVouIdrwaUbw up the N^SJifrttH 
titff^ and rfnke him altogether Jptrtmvi/l. Ttiiti 
Ift^ffs his FaCe, afrer conference with hifn^ 
riHes^ itid from thiS /;^*z// Tnxh^'rt^'^Tfn^ 
•vic(& at oift Future E(htfc in the %cgtry:frntfv?i^ 
5ut I have couchM the f-^ey/c, and iTMft ftttiime 
6the<*r^fr(^'<>«ri^of the S^hltn^try , 

\ have now m fome ntcafurc pafbrme<J that 
vhich at fitft I prom lied, an Expqfition of the 
wi!-d and the pain:s therof; But in relp^(^ of my 
ffrd^io to TrHth 2it6. the dominion I vviih Hcr^ 
^a^c !ofiti\vhat tnore particular in the fee- 
inination of Nature^ -and proceed to a further 
WcbVery of her Riche's. I advifc tife R^der to 
^ diligent and curio-Js in x!tixsfiii?(eft£rftpart of 
■fc Dilx:ourle,That having once ataM?ed-ro the 
'H>7d.vne>itnlls of Scfe/rcc^ he may ^lic hettOr 
Wergild her (HperfiriiBi^res , 

Know then.that every Element « threefold , 
hiV Vriplicrty being the'exp^flfe knfj^geof tbHr 
^?^y-,tind a Sc^lehie hath laid^ufonysCr^?- 
Jtr<?, Ttee^is nothing on Earth thoirgh ficfv^ 
Qf5ili}4e, io ViTe. aixliabjc^ in thef^lit of nwh, 
^'it{5brfes'wHthefrc<)f<^6d<eYfeu to^rac ^- 
hitfe '^yften^hy^ V'fiify ^\^ Trmm, fevety 
2omp5i!nd whktfoever fe Three in Ofte itnc! 
3riein "^hi^. The baiM ^^f/// ev^ in his 
»m^v«:dSyiTMfJ^i?fe^eftffeefhfs .^f^or,4MS 
^VbteH proportions anfwering to cheir aetcrnall 


22 Anthropoibphia 

fuperior Prototype , Now Man hath the ufe of 
all theie Creatures, God having furnifhed him 
with a Itvwg Library wherein to imploy him- 
Iclfe ; But he negle6ling the works of his Cre- 
ator, profecuLej the Inventions of the Creature, 
Laps up the Vomits of Artjiotle and other il- 
literate Ethyitdis^ Men as concerning the Faith, 
Reprobate^ and in the Law of Nature ailtoge- 
ther unskillfull , Scribhng Blafphemous A 
thetfts^ Quorum Animas (as (^gripp^i hath it) 
diftrdhtyOr torq-KTi .wdiHy.i:^ vidertcj'^ Infert 
He is muck trob bled at thofe Myfieiies of the 
Tr/^/Vrand thcl^^^^^r^/z^/j^, one Denies, ano 
thcr Grants them: But if they did once iee the 
- i/^/7f of iV.zf;/r^, they might find thofe Mylte 
ries by Reafon , which are now above theii; 
., Ta^ith . When T fpeake of a Naturall Trtplt 
city^ 1 fpeake not of Knchen-flHJfe^ thole thio 
pot - Principles iVater , Oyle and S^^rth 
But I fpeake of Calefltall hidden Nf. 
r^r^/,knowne only to abfolute Magictans 
' whofe eyes are in the Center, nox. in thcCtrcum 
ference , and in this fence every Element 
Threefold . For example, there is a threefol 
Earth, firft theie is terra, Element aris^^zw thci 
\^ terra C ale ft 14^ and Jafily, terra fpirttuali. 
The Influences of the T^/^'/r/y/*// Earth by mt 
y diationof the cdefttall arc united 10 the td 


Theo magical 25 

teflUll^ and are the true Caufe of Life and Ve- 
cretation. Thefe Three are the Fundamental^ 
3f Art and Nature. TheFhftisavifible, T'^»- 
rihte ilibfUnccpurc, fixcd^and Incorruptible: of 
C^fiality Cold.but by Application of a Superior 
^geni, Dne, and by Confequence a fit Reccp- 
:acle of Moyflurc. This is Ale'pb (reiituni^ 
:he true terra <^d.ima ^ the BaJis o^ every 
8uilding in Heaven,, and Earth. Itanfwersto 
3od the Father , being the Natural! Founda- 
:ion of the Creature, as He is the Supernatu- 
•all: without this Nothing can be perfedkd 
n Majitck^. The Second Principle is the in- 
allible /if^g'7€t, the Myffeiy of Union. By 
^ his ail Things may be attrav%d whether Phy- 
^' icali, orMecaphyficail , be the diftance never 
b great. This is Jacoh Ladder : Without this 
here is no Afcent , or Defcent eithet Influen- 
rall, or perfonall. Tlie Abfence of This I con- 
:eive to be that Gu/ph berw^een ayfhrahamaiid 
Oives, This artfwersto God the Son , for it is 
That which mediates between Extremes, and' 
nakes Inferiors and Superiors communicate, 
kt there is not One in ten thouiand knows ei- 
flher thd Snbftance , or the ufe of (hfs Nature. - 
The third Principle is properly no Principle, Ic 
s not^Ex 0^0, bud -per Qnod omnia, Tnis can 
lo all in all . and the Faculties tferebf are not 
beeirp!;eft. Ic anfwers to the HqI) Qhofl.^t^ 
D amongft 

24 Anthropofophia 

imongft NaturaHs it is the onely Agent , and 
Artificer. Now He that knows thefe three per- 
fevftly . with their fcverali Graduations , or an- 
nexed Links, which differ not in SubfUnce, but 
Complexion : He that can reduce their impuri- 
ties to one (inccre Confiltence, and their Multi- 
plicities to a Spirituall, ElTciuiall (implicity, he 
is an abfblute conjplcat ^ti^^ician^ and in Full 
podibility to all ftrange, miraculous Perfor- 
niances. In tlic fecond place you are to Icarn^ 
that Every Element is twofold. This Duplici- 
ty, or Confufion is that Bm.iriHs whereof A* 
jl^rippa in Senilis Numerorum ^ as alio both 
himfclf and Trithcmiw m their Epiftles. O- 
ther Authors who dealt in this Science, were 
Pragmaticall Scrtblers , and undcrliood not 
this Sec return TenehrarHin, Th is is it in which 
the Creature prevaricates, and falls from his 
firrt Harmonicall Vnity. You muft therefore 
fuhtrahere Biyi^rmm ^ and then the Magicians 
Ternaritis may be reduced per Quaternartum 
in Monaf^n Stmpltctffimam , and by Confe 
qiience m Aietaphjficam cum [nprema Aio 
nade vnionem . 
^ The San and Moon, are two Magical! prin- 
^ ciples, the One adive , the other pafSve , this 
^ Aiafcitlme.^xnFoemmine, As they move, fo 
move the wheelesot Corrupt ign^ andGmera- 
ion : They mutually diflblve, and compound. 


Theomagica] 25 

Jt properly the moon is Organum Tr^iifmu* 
ticnis infer torts materia, Thefe Two Lumi^ - 
rr/>/ arc multiplied and fiudificin every one - 
irticular Generation. There is not a Com- 
3und in all Nature but hath in it a little Sun, - 
id a little Moon. The little Sun is FtUus folts - 
i/^/?/j. The little Moon is Filta Lun^Qslc^ 
is. What offices foevcr the two great Lumi^ 
tries perform for the Conlervatioii of the 
'eat world in General], Thefe two little Lu^ 
i«^r/>/ perform the like for the Confervatien 
* their fmall Cask^^ or Mtccocofm in particu- 
T. They are A^fmiuU Maioris Animdlis^ 
eaven and Earth in a Jcflcr Chara^ter^ God 
Ice a wile Archtteth , (its m iheCenter of All, 
•paires the Ruines of his Building, compoieth 
1 Diibrders, and continues his Creature in his 
rft, primitive //4r;z^^»7. The Inyiiible, Cen- 
all Moon is leU tlU rivoja^ (^ }sSultifontarjay 
: whofc top fit love , and luyjoln a Throne of 
'oldJu»o is an incombuftible, Eriternall Or/, 
id therefore a fit Receptacle of Fire, This 

''I ire is her Jove^ the little Sun we fpoke of for- 
icrly. Thefe are the true Principles of the 
one, thefe are the Philofophers Sol cr Luna,^ 

j-^Dt Gold and Silver^, as Ibme Mountehankj^ 
iSXlarbonadoes would have it. But in refpe»5l 
have proceeded thus far , I will give you a 
uc Receipt of the Medicine. Re, L wni Cosle^ 

^6 Anthropofopliia 

ft is fanes decern^ Scpktretur Mafcnlus a Fx. 
Tuink^ vtercjtseforro a Terra fm^ phjjica tamo 
CT* citra, omnem violent i^m Separ^ita proportion 
dehita^ harmonica^ qt vitaU canjungs ,- ftattntq 
Animadefcendens a,[phAra pyroplaflica ^ mor 
tHumfuum^ or reltctumCorp^is ample xu miri- 
fico refiaurabit ; Qonjun^a foreantpir Igne fja- 
tnrali imperfcEhi^m mairimonium fpiritus^ ^ 
Cerporis, Troccdas ylrtificto vnlcanica^Aia- 
gtco^qmufcjae exaltcntur in Qui/t^m Rota?f>. 
AietaphyficAm, H<tc eft Illa^ de Qua tot fori 
billATunt^ tarn Panci noverHnt^ Alidicin^. 

It is a ftrangc thing to conhder , That thcr< 

are in Nature t?icorrHpt}hk^ immortall princi 

'pies. Oiir ordinaiy Kitchin Ftre^ which in fomi 

meafure is an Enemy to all compofitions , not 

vvithftandiiig doth not ib much deftrcy, as pu 

lifie ioirx pares. This is clear out of the ^jhe 

o^l^er^ctables \ for although their weaker extc 

' nor Elements expire by violence of the ^r^, ye 

^ their Earth cannot be delkoycd, but Vitrified 

The Fuiaon, and Transparency of this fubi"lanc< 

\ is occaHoned by the Rctdicall moyftnrz or Se 

\ minall water of the Compound. This wate 

1 refifb the fury of the Firc,and cannot poflibly b 

vanquiftied, Inhac Aqua (fayth the karilcc 

Severine) Rofa lattP in Hieme. Thefe tw< 

principles are never leparatcd, for Natme pro 

cecdcs not fo far \\\ her Diflblutiojis. Whei 

.- ^ ' IVaf} 

Tfaeomagica. z^ 

Death hath done her worfi, there is an V^thn 
between thefe two, and out of them fhall God 
rile us at the Jaft day. and rcftorc us to a ipiritu- 
* all conftitution. Beiides, there remaines in them 
j 'that primitive univerlall Tindureof jheFire : 
this is ftiil bulie after Death brings nature again 
into Play, produceth wgrmes, and other infcrj- 
our Generations. I do not conceive there fhail 
6ea Refurrei5:bon of every ^S'/j^c/^y , but rather 
Vheir Terrefitall parts together wi:h th« Ek- 
ment of Water {for there fhMihm : 

more Sea) fliall be united in one mix- ' 

ture With the Earth and fix'd to a puic,0iapb*- 
nous fubfia nee. This is Saint Johns Qhiy^M* 
gold, a Fundamental I of the new Jerufaicm, {o 
called not in refpeclt of Cc^loiu', but conrtituti- 
on. Their Sj)irits Ifuppofe, fhall be reduced 
to their firft Limbus^ a if^Are of pute, ethercall 
^re like rich EternaltT-ipcftry ipread urtcier the 
Throne of God. Thus Reader ^ havelniadea 
plenary.but llaort Inquilition into the Myficrks 
ofNature. It is more then hitherto hath been 
dilcovered, and therefore I expcdl: the more Op- 
poJitft?n,'. I know my Reward is Cahu-piiue, but 
he thathath already condemn 'd the Vanity of 
Opinioii, is not like to refpeil: that of Ccrtfure.l 
fbal now put the Creatures to their juft ufcj and 
from this fhallow Contemplation afcend to 
l^inc, and tl|eir Author. >'-< 

^^' D 3 Lord 

28 Anthropoiophia 

Lord God ! Thi? was zfionf, 
as Ltrd as any One 
Thy Laws in Natnre fram'd : 
'Tis now ^fprtfigtng Well^ 
and many Drop can tell, 
Sincek by -r^rf wascam'd. 

My God ! my Heart is {o^ 
'tis all ofFlwt, and no 
ExtraEi of Teares will yecld .- 
Diflolve it with thy F/r^, 
that fomething may ^7^/><?, 
Kndgrow up in my Fteld. 

BareTeares lie not intieat, 
but let thy "^pirtts feat 
Upon tho c ^'^aters bee, 
Then I new form'dWxth. Light 
fhall move without ail Night, 

It is lequifitc now, if we follow that Me- 
thod v!\\'\q\\ godhimfciflsylfithorof, to ex- 
amine the Nature, and Compcfition of ^^« 
having already defcrib'd thofe Elements, oi 
principles whereof he was made , and confifts 
ji^an^ if we look on his matcriall parts, was ta 
k«n out of the great world, as woman was ta 

Theomagka. . is 

icnout of cJ3^^. liliali therefore to avoyd re- 
ocduons, refer the Reader to the former paxt 
i)f this Diicoude , where if thiugs be rightly 
mdenttood, he cannot be ignorant in his mate-r 
-tail Fviimepx Compofur.-, We read in Ge»efi} 
hax God made him out of the E^nh; This is a 
^at Myjrcr.j : For it was not the common 
^ot'cLty, but an other thing and that of a far 
o€ttcr nature. He thxc kno\^^i this, knows the 
\xh)^i^o^d^^'P Mo fopi'jicall medicine^ and by 
ionfequence what dciiroyes or preferves the 
^empsramento^ Man ^ In this are principles 
wmo^e^all with his life , iuch as can reftoLC 
lis Diecayes and.reduce his diforders to a Harr. 
^p»Y. They that are ignorant in this point, are 
\tyt competent jf*idges oi' Life znd D eat b\ but 
}HAckj and P^ff^pat Doctors, The learned A^ 
tiu MoKtanj4s .calls xhis matter Alultiplciis 
^sirrA pATttcfiU jlngtduris ^ If theie .words be 
vell.cxaminedyouaiay poflibly findeit out, 
.nd fb muchifor his Body, His Sanl is anEf- 
ertcenot to he found in the Texture of the 
scat world & ttciefbie m^xVjdtvine ^ftiper-^ 
'^tsrall^ (,J\^Atta»ji^ calls it aivini fpirtttis an^ 
4^& vitjt, Divine HaLttus, He fcemes alfo to 
ffiakethe creation of Man a little Incarnation^ 
Si^God in this workhad multjflyed him- 
^jy/f. Adam (i^ith^be) jreceiYsd his Saul ex 
" dn^AndaJmgiilariqyD^^ In^ir'atiofte, .^ Ht 
D4 ' Pe 

JO Anthropofophla 

ftcloqmfit fas^ FmBificationg, S. Lukj alfo 5 
tells us the fame thing, For he makes Adam the 
fonof 5o<:i,notinrelpe6lof the exterior JiSb 
of Creation, but by way of Defcent ; and this 
S. Fatil confirmes in the words of A rat in. For 

we alfo are his Generation, The Soul of 
A^^ man conflfts cheifly of two Portions Ru- 

ach^zndNephes ^inferior an^fa-pertor .the 
fftperior is Mafculinc and Eternally the inf trior 
Foeminine and M^rtal/Jvi theie<wo confifts out 
fprttaall generation, Vt autcm in Coeteris anu 
mantihpu , atqtie etiam in ipfo homim 
jiriiU lAart^ ac FocminA conj^rMio FruEtum 
\Ao»t, propagationemcj, fpeEhabat natPtrA Jin 
gulorum dignam .- ita in homine tpfc 
ilia yiitris ac Fcemindt interior , arc anaqne [oct- 
et as, hoc efl arimi at que animA CopnlatiQ ad fru 
Bum vit£ Divine idoncMm producen^um com 
fArahatur, Atque hue ilia Arcana henediUio q^ 
fdicunditoi concejja, hue ilLa dec I ar at a Faculta. 
^ monitiofpeBat^ Crefctte, ^ mnltiplicamim 
^ replctelerram, ^ {uhncite tllam, (jr Domi 
nstmint. Out of this and fome former pafla 
gcs, the underftanding Reader may learn , Tha 
Marriage is a Comment on Life^z meer Hiera 
glyphic\, or outward reprefentation^of our \i\ 
wardvicallCompofition. For Life isnotljini 
els but an Vnian of M2/<r^;7<^ Focmale Princi 
jp/f/,andhe that perfcdUy knowes this fccrci 


Tneomagica. 51 

kflowes the Myteies of Marriage, both 5/?/- 
ritfiai/ znd Naturall ^ and how he ought to 
ifeaWife. Matrimony is no ordinary trivial 1 
bufines, but in a moderate fence Sacramentdl, 
Ct is a vifible figneof our invifible Vhion to 
Zhrifi^ which S.i'.?^/ calls a Great my ftkrj^ 
and if the thing fignificd be fo Reverend, the 
•ftgnatHre is no ex r^w;?t7rf, contemptible A- 
gend. But of this elfewherc. When Godhac^ 
thus finijfhed his lal^, andmoft excellent C rr^- 
iure^ he appointed his Refidence in Sden^ made 
him his l^tce.Roy, and gave him a full jurii- 
di^bon over all his PVork^- That as the whole 
man confifted of Bcdy^ and Spirit^ fo the /»/?- 
riour Earthly Qreatures might be fubjed to the 
one, and tht fptpertour tntelleEiuall Ejfences 
might minifter to the other. But this Royalty 
condnued not long, forprcfently upon his pre- 
ferment there w^as a Fa^ion iii tlie Heavenly 
Court, and the Angels {corning to attend this 
pieceof^/^^r, contrived how to fupplanchim. 
The fiift in this plot WdLsLHc'tferJAo-^taytHfic^Xs 
me his name w^sHt/e/Mc caiis about; toNuUi- 
fie that whichGod had Inacted,that fo at once, 
he might overreach him and his Creacure.This 
Pollicy he imports to fome others of tl.e ///>- 
f^^r/ry, and lirengthens hi^r.lcif with Conlpi- 
rators. BtU there is no Cotwfel aji^.i-'^fi God . 
The mi (chief is no foon^r hatched but he anci 


3 2 Anthropofophia 

his G)nf€derat€S arc expell'd from Light ttt ^. 
^Ark^iejfe^ and thus Rebellion is*as dicfinne oi '" 
fVitcherdfi^ a Witch is a Rebel in Phy{ieks,an4 
a Rebell is a Witch in Polliticks : The one aAi 
z^zM Mature, the other ixgiinfi Order , tht 
Rule of it : But both are in League with the di^ 
1/el as the fiift Fsitht]: of difiord ^Vid fircerii^^ 
5^^« beijig thus ejected, as the condition of 
Reprobates is , becanie more hardaied in h\$ 
Refolptttms^ and to bring his malice a4)out , ar- 
rives by permiffion at €d?n. Here lie makes 
Wmian\\\s Inftrtinvenc to t^mpt Man^ and o- 
verthrowes him by the lame Meanesthat God 
made for an help to him. Adam -having thus 
cranlgueR.the Commandement, was expofcd to 
the Lafh , and in him his Poficrity But here 
lyes the Knot : How can we pofifibly Jearn hi$ 
Difeale , if we know not the immediate Effici^ 
<:tsi»?^of it ?IfI queftion our Z)ii//«^/ what the 
Foi-bidden Fruit was, I may be long enough, 
vyithout an anlwer, Search all the School-men 
fi'om Ramus to Peter Hffpan^d.nd they have no 
Loj^icli'm the point. What fhall we do in thi$ 
cafe ? To fpeak any thing contrary to the Jlf>^£ 
of >^r//?(?/-/^(though perhaps we hit the ma^^Q 
is to expofe our ielvcs to the common Hue ; 
But in refpedl I prefer ia private Trueth to a 
pttbtickJBrrotir, I will proceed. And now Rca- 
i^): Arrive Antes ^ come on without preju- 
• ^ dic^ 

Theomagica 1 33 

iice, and I will tcJI thee that which never 
itherto hath been difcovercd . 

That which 1 now write muft needs appearc 
ery Ikangc, and Incredible to the common 
lan, whole knowledg flicks in the Barke of 
i/lejrories, and Myflicall Ipeeches, never ap- 
cchcnding that which is fignified by them un- 
o us . This I fay muft needs found itrange, 
:;ith fuchas underftand the Scriptures in the 
litterall plaine fence, confidering not the fcapc 
nd Intention of the Divine Cpirit^ by whom 
ley were fir ft penned and delivered . liowfo- 
ver Or/^^« being F'nus de mnitis , and in the 
idgemcnt of many v^'ife men, the moft learned 
f the Fathers, durit never truli himfelfe in this 
oint, But alv^'aies ,in thofe Scriptures 
i'herc his Reafon could not fatisfie, con- 
luded a Myflery , 

Certainly if it be once granted (as forae 
dck not to affirm) that tlie free of knowledge 
vas a y^egetable^ and £den a Garden ; ic may be 
ery well inf€rred,that the tree of life being ^e- 
:ribed tn eodem Cjenere^ as the School-men ex- 
•relieit.wasar'if^^f^^/^airo. Bur how dero- 
atoiy this is to the power ofGod^ to the c^/^- 
its^znd Paflfion of Jef^i^ C'/?r/y? ,-whofe Gift 
ternall life is , let any indifterent Chriflian 
udge. Here then we have a certain intrance in- 
o Faritdife^v^hcxQ wc may Icarch out tkis tree 


34 Anthropoiophia 

o^ knowledge , and ( hap}n!y ) learn what it M 
For feeing it muft be grantcci, that by tr^e tree i 
Itfc is figured the Divme '^ptr. t ( for it ts th 
Spirit thut <jmckemth^ and fliall one Day tran 
flatc us from Corm-ptton to IncorrHptioyi)\t wil 
be no indifcrcet Inference on the Contrary^ tha 
by }^<ttrce Q^k>^owlcdgc is fignified fbmc fen\ 
fifatl Nature repugnant to the SftntHali 
whei'cin our woildiy (infull (lAjfeBtom^ as Ufl 
anger , and the reft have their feat ^ and pi-cdo 

I will now digreflc a while , but not mucJ 
from the purpofe, whereby it may appear unt( 
the Reader that the letter is no fufficient Expo 
fitoro^ Scripture y and that there is a great dea 
of difference between th^ found and the fenie o 
the Text. T>tonyfim the '^r^^?/?^^^- in his E 
pirtleto TitHs gives him this Caveat. Et ho 
pr£terea Oper£ pretitim eft cogmfcere^Dtifltcen 
eJJeTheo/ogorurrf Traditiowjp^ A r caff dm A I 
teyam^acmyfticam : Alteram vera mAtitfe flam 
X^ notiorem. And in his Book of the EcleRafl 
€all Hierarchic written to Timothepu , he a^ 
firms, that in the primitive, Apofiolicall titnei 
wherein he alio lived^ the mylieries of Divinit 
were del ivercd partiwfcnptii , partim h&h fcri 
pt.'<f InflitHtwnibus, Some things he confefletl 
were written in the Theologicall Bo^ks^znA fud 
are the Common Do[trm>ds of the- Churcl 


Theomagica. 3 5 

;0W, in which notwithftanding (as Saint Peter 
lith ) tlTcre are many thmg^s hard to hif under* 
hod. Some tilings again ^r Ammo tn ^Ani^ 
num medio c^nidein vnercwrrente vcrbo corpo^ 
-ali^fed gf4od Carols pen it pu excederat fenf^m^ 
'ine liter PS tramrfttfa fitnt. And certainly this 
hall Tradition was the Ca^fe that in the fub- 
equenta^^^/oftheC/j/^rt/^ ail the myfleries 
tf Divinity wei'c loft. Nay,this very day there is 
ot one amongft all our School-Dothrs. or late 
Ix' Temporaries that knows what is reprelenc- 
Id unto us by the outward Element of fVater'^ 
1 B.iptifm. True indeed .■ They cell us it beto- - 
ens the m^fh^^^g away of (m , which we grant - 
hem. but this is not the fuil pgnrficatwn for - 
'^\\\c\\\iyN^s ordained. It hath been the Com* 
ion errour of 2 11 times to miftake fignum for 
'gnatum^ \.\\tfljell for the Kerne 1 1 ; yet to pre* 
ent this^it was that Dtonyfms wrot his book of 
he C'^lefttall Hierarchic , and elpecially his 
^'heologta fignificrttiva ^ of which there is fuch 
requent mention made in his works. Veiely 
ur Saviour Himfelf who is blelTcd for evcr- 
lorc , did fbmetimcs fpeak in parables , and' 
ommanded further that Pearles fhmld not be Ar 
^fl forth unto fwine^ for it ts not given to all " 
tentok^ow the myflenes of the Kingdom of 
ieaven^ Suppoiiug then (as it is moftn'ue) 
Aat amongf^ other myjikallfpeeches contained 


36 Antliropofopliia 

In Scripttire^ this of the Garden of£de?i,and the 
Trees m it, is o'^e : I fhall proceede to the Expo-i 
fition of it in fbmc meafure, concealing the par- 
ticulars notwithlb.nding. 

Man in the beginning ( I mean the fubflan- 
tiall inward Man) both in, and after his Crea^ 
tion for ibme Hiort time, was a pure 'mtelkUud 
£/f«c^, free from all fleQily, fenfiiall Ajfem^ 
ons. In this (fate the Anima , or fenfuive Na* 
ture did not prevail over the Jpirrtfial^zs it doth 
now in us. For the iupcrior A'f entail p^rt of 
A^afi was united to God per C^nt^iEium Ejfen- 
tialem, and the Divine It^^ht being received in, 
and conveyed to the inferiour portions of the 1 
5o«/didmortifieai] carnall denres , infomuch 
that in Adam the fehfitive F amities were 
{carce at all impioyed, the fpiyituall prevailing 
over them in him, as they do over the Spirituall 
now in us. Hence wc read in Scripture , that 
during the ftatc of Innocence he did mt k^mvi 
that he was naked : but no fooncr eats he of the 
tits of k/ioivlednre but htfaw his nakednejfe^ and 
was afhtmed of it; Wherefore alio he hides 
himfelf amongfi the Trees of the Gardeii , and 
when God calls to him, he replies; / ^ 
heard thy voice in the Garden^and I was 
afraid becaufe I was nak^d , a»d I hid my felf. 
But God knowing his former ftatc,anlvvers him 
y!ithd.Qffefiion. ^ho told thee that Thon wafl 

nak^d ? 

Theomagica. 57 

I iked ? HaJI- thoH eaten of the tree , -rphreof I 
F mnumded thee thou (honldsft' not eat ? Here 
e Ice a Twofold ftate of M in : his firft , and 
>(1 iri the fpiritual fubftantiaJl union of his Iriw 
llJedluall parts to God, and the Morti- 
l:ation of his £there^/l , fc^fitive Na\ 
We , wherein the flefhiy finfiill AffcEhwns 
A their 'H^fidence, His ficond^ or his Fall in 
e eating o^ the for bidden frtiit which did caft 
^xep his Incelleduall Facuftiesf^wt d\dftir up, 
id exalt the SenfualJ. For (faych the 
rpent) (joU doth kriow that m the Diy 
:i eat thereof^ then your eyes (hall be op^ried^a^d 
ijhall be as Gods i^owififr Good^ a^d EvtlL 
nd when the woman [aw that the Tree was 
od forfood^ and that it was pleafayit to the eyes 
'-d a tree to be deftredto make am wffe \ Shee^ 
^kjfthe Fruit thereof^ and did eat ^ and ^ave 
Co unto her husband^ with h;r^ and he did eat ; 
n nd the Eyes of them both were opened, and they 
t ew that the'v were naked, Th'i5 we lee the fen- 
si JI faculties revived in our firR Pare:its , and 
b ya^zdepotrntia inaBumas the Schwl-men 
fi at by vcrtuc of this forbidden Fruit. Nei- 
r did this Eatirtg fuppreffc the Incelle6luall 
^ /vers in Adamriv\t\y, but in all his Gencra- 
•iis after hiTi , for the Influence of this Fruit 
iiB '■• k together with his N itnre into his pofterity. 
^ are all b^rn like M^fes with a Veil over the 
h Face : 

38 Anthropofophia 

Face: This is it, which hinders the profpe6^ ( 

that Iinelle6luali lliining Lighcwhich God ha 

placed in us; And to tell you a Tiucth th 

-concernesall Mankinde, the grcateli lAyih 

- both in Div'mity and Phtlojop^e is, i^ow 

- remove it , 

It will not be amide to fpcake foiriething 
this place of the Natuie and Conliitucion < 
Man, to make that more plaine which alreac 
hath been Ipoken . 

As the great World confifts of Three patti 

the Slememall the Ccelefltall and the SftrtWA 

above all which God himieife is feated in thj 

infinite , inaccefTibie Light ^ which Hream 

from his own A^*^/"//^^; Even fo man hath 

him his Earthiy, Elemental parts ^together wit 

die Cocleflmll ^ Cr Angeltcd natures^ in tt 

Center of all which moves , and fbines the D 

vine SpiriP, The fcnfiiall, CcelefltaU, dthere^ 

jp^rrofMan is that whereby we do move, fe 

feel, tafte, and fin ell , and have a Commcn 

with all mater tall ObjeBs whacfoevcr. It is tl 

fame in tu as in Beafis , and it is derived froi 

Heaven, where it is predominant, to all the inf 

rioLir Earthly Creatures, In plain Terms it 

p2LVtof yinim^ Mundi , commonly called ^ 

7z/>w^wf^/^, becaufe the Infl fences of the D 

'vine N ature 2Xt conveyed thorough it to tl 

more material parts of the Creature'',with whic 

Thcomagica, 3 9 

)f thcmfelves they have no proportion. By 
oicanes of this Amma CAiedtaiyi the ethereal 
Nature: Man is made fub)ed to the Influence 
jf Stars, and is partly dil'pos'd of by the Lctle^ 
hd harmony. For this middle fpirit (middle I 
ncan between both Ex':reamcs, and not that 
vhich a dually unites the whole together) af- 
veil that which is in the outward Heaven, as 
that which is in Man. is of a fruit full infinua- 
ing nature, and carried vvith a (kong deiire to 
luihiply it i^\^^ fo that the Co^lejh 41 b\jrm ftir^ 
p, and excites the Elementall. For this Spiric 
J in Man, in Beafis, in Vegetables, in Minerals '^ 
nd in every thing it is the mediate Cd'tje bt 
x)mpo{iticn and Multiplication. Neither 
oouid any wonder that I affirm this fpirit to be 
1 Minerals,becauie the Operations of it are n.oc 
ifcerned there. For fhall we conclude therc- 
Dre.that there is no inward Agent that aduats, 
nd Ipecifies thole p'-''^JJ^ve^ indefinite Principles 
I Aercof they arc Compounded}! d\ me not novi 
f blind PertpateticAll Formes^ and Qualities. 
L Form is that which ^r^y/^r/f could not de- 
ne fubftantially, nor any of his followers after 
fim, and therefore they are ftot competent 
udges of it. But 1 bcleech yon,are not the fa- 
il ties of this Spirit (uppreft in Man aUb, whfii 
\^ Organs are Corrupted^ as it appeareth in 
vofe that ace biiod ? But notwdiftandiiig the 
E Bye 

40 Anthropofophia 

Eye onely is deflroyed ^ and not the Vilibfe 
power, for that remaines, as \i is plain in their 
dret^ms. Now this vifion is performed by are- 
fle6lionofthe l^tf^all 'IR^tdu in their inward, 
proper C^l/ : For Nature imployes her gifcs on- 
ly where (lie findes a 0;2'Z/'^->!/d';2<:/d', and fit di" 
fpofitton o'iOrga>2s^ which being not in cj^;?f- 
rab we may noc expect io clear an Exprcjfio>t. 
of the naturallj^^'w^rj- in them. Notvvithiland-. 
ing in the Flowers of feverall vegetables (which 
in fome (ore reprefcnt the Eyes) there is a more 
$abtile,acute perception of heat and cold, and 
other CoclefltalL Influences then in any otha 
part. This is manifeft inthofe Herbs which 
open at the Rihng '^and fliut towards the Sun- 
jet : which motio^i is caul^d by the fpirit bein^j 
^fendbleof the Approach and departure of th( 
'Sun For indeed the Flowers are (as it were, 
the fpring of the Spirit, where it breaks forth 
and ftreames , as it appears by the Odours tha 
are more Cocleflidl^ and Comfortable there. A 
gain, this is more evident in the ^Tlantanimals 
as the ^'^egetable Lamb, the Arbor Cafla , an< 
leverall others. But this will not (ink with anj 
but fuch as have JeCn this Spirit feparated frot 
his Elenaents where I leave it for this time. 

Next to this Senfuall Nature of Man is tl 
jing'd'tcall^ or rat tonal I Spirit, This Spirit ac 
hcrcs fomtimCs to the c^<?w oxffiferiorportU 

liieomagicae 41 

5f the SoHi.znd then it is filled with the l^ivm^ 
'ight, but nioft commonly it defcends into the 
ttlyereal inferior -po-rt ion ;^\\\c\\ Saint Paul calls 
//<7W(?^w^/«', where it is altered by theCfl*--- 
ieflial wfjie^ces^ind diverfly diftra(5led with the - 
inegular Ajfe^wm^ and paiTions dithtfe»ffiali - 

Lartly, above the Rdtiorjall Spirit is th^ 
,2^ens^0Y lyittlbger.tiaabjcondita ^ commonly 
:called I ntelUUns illu jlrattis ^zwd. ofc^^ofesfpt' 
racffium P^ it arum. This is that Spirit which 
God himfelf breathed into Man and by which 
'Man is united a^^ain to God Now as the !>/- 
^ine light fbwing into the Mens.^id aflimilate 
and convert the infcriour portions of the foul to 
God ; (o OP the Contrary the Tree of Know- 
ledge did obfcure.and darken the fu per lour por- 
tions, but awak'd and flir'd up the Ammal fin- 
full Nature. The fumof all is this. Mnnas 
long as he continued in his union to God knew 
the Good onely, that is, the Things that were 
of God : but afloon as he ftretched forth his 
hand^ and did Eat of the forbidden fruit that is, 
the Antma, media , or Spirit of the greater 
worHprefently upon his difobedience and tranf- 
grerfion of the Commandment, his Vnion to the 
Divine Nature was diffolved, and his Spirit be- 
ing united to the Spirit of the world , he knevv 
die Evil onetyjthat is the things that were of this 
E a world. 

4^ Anthropofophia 

world. True it is, he knew the Good^ and thd 
Evil, but the Evil in a far greater mcaiure then i 
die Good. | 

Some fparks of Grace were left, and though i 
thcperfedion of Innocence was loft upon his 
Fall from the Divine Light, yet Confcience re- 
mained ftiii with him, partly to dired, partly to i 
punifti. Thus you fee that this Ar,r,n(i^Medta , 
or middle Spirit is figuied by the Tree bf know- 
ledge^ but he that knows why the Tree of Life | 
is fayd to be in the middeft of the Garden and 
to grow out of the Ground, will more fully un- j 
derftand that which we have fpokcn. We fee 
moreover that the Faculties afcribcd to the j 
Tree of Knowledge are to be found onely in ; 
Middle Nature. Firft , it is faid to be a Tree to i 
he defired to make one wife , but it Was Fleflily ' 
fenfuall Wildoni,the Wiidom of this world.and j 
not of God. Secondly it is fayd to be good for 
Tood^and pleafant to the Eyes : So is the Middle 
Nature alfo ; For it is the onely Medtct/te to 
repair the Decayes of the Natural Man, and t^ 
continue our Bodies in their primitive fiicngth, 
and Integrity. 

Laftiy, that I may fpeak fomcthiog for my 

felf : This is no new unheard-of fanfic , as die 

undeiftanding Reader may gather out of Trtf^ 

,, megijlus. Nay, I am verily of opimon,that the 

{Egjfftians received thi$ povvfcdgc from the 


Theomagia. 43 

Heheivt who lived a long time amongft thein, 
as it appears out ofScr/pture, and that they de- 
livered it over ♦•o the Gracta'fjs, This isplairl 
out o^ ^amhlichHs m his Book de Myfleriis^ 
where he hath thefe words, Contem-pUbilis infe 
Intellecius Homo^ erat quondam Deornm Con-^ 
■empUtioni coniuyilliis ,- deinde vero alter Am in" 
irejfHS eft Ammam ^ circa, humanam FormA 
Speciem contemner at am ^ atq, propterea in ipfo 
N'ece/Jliatts^ Fatii]He Vincnlo eft alligatus, AikJ 
what els I befecch you , is fignified unto us in 
hat pocticall Table of Vronietheus ? That he 
hould (leal a certain fire from Hea'V'en , for 
vhich Trefpaffe afterwards , God punifhed 
he World with a great many Dileales, and 

But fome body may reply : Seeing thjat God 
nade all Things very Good , as ic appears in 
.IS Review of the Creatures on the iixth day ; 
ow could it be a fin in Adnm to eat that 
vhich in it felf was good ? Verily the fin was 
ot grounded in the Nature of that which he 
id eate but it was the Inference of the Com- 
landmenc, in as much as he was forbidden to . 
ite it. And this is that which Saint Paul tells 
s. That he had not known fin, had ic not been 
Dr the Jaw; And again in another place, The 
length of fin is thelaw. But prefently upon 
ic Difobcdience of the firtt Man , and tiis 
E z TrM^ 

44 Anthtopofophia 

Tranfgrcfflon of the Comi»ideriicnt the crea- 
ture was made fubjevl: to\^iicy : For the curfe 
followed, and the impure fecdes were joyned 
vvith the pure, and they reigne to this hoar in 
our bodies, and not in us alone, b:it in every o- 
ther Naturall Thin^. Hence it is we reade in 
fcripture , I' hat the Hedvem the??}- 
Job. jelvcs, are not clean in his fght. And to 
this alludes the Apoflc in that freech 
of his to the ( 'oIoffl.usJhTLZ it plcafcd the Father 
to reconcile all things to him'eif by Chnft whe- 
ther they be things i \ Earth or Things jn Hea- 
ven. And here you aic to oblcrve.that ( pr»'/ fis 
hg'-fpp miflook the aCtof Cjcncration forO- 
rigi nal fin,which indeed was the Eilrcd of it,and 
this is the onely point wherein he hath niifcar- 

I have now done onely a word more con- 
cerning the Situat'on of Paradise , and the ra 
tlier becaufe of thedjyerfity of Opinions con 
cerning that fblace and che Abfui dity of them 
Saint K/^/ in his lecond Epiftic to ih Cori:th 
a»s diicovcrs it in thele word!>. I knew a Mai 
in Chrifi above fourteen years ago (whether ii 
the Body, or out of the Body I cannot tell, Go< 
Icnowcth ••) fuch an One caught up to th 
Third H av:n. And I knew 7iich a Man ( whc 
thcr in the body , or out of the boc'y I canm 
tell, God knowcthj how that he was caught u 

(Thtomagica. 4 5 

•MoT^iradife. Here you fee that Paradifean^ 
' :hc third Heaven aie convertible Tcrms,lb tha^ 
:hc one dilcovers the other. Much more I coulci 
navefayd concerning the Tree of lino wieilge, 
beinginitfclf a Jarge, and very myf-licail lub- 
[jcdil but for my part I reii contented with my 
own particular apprehe/ifion, and defire not to 
inj.irge it any further : Ncicher had I commit- 
ted this much to paper, but out of my Jove to 
the trueth and that I would not have thele 
thoughts altogether to perifh. 

You lee now, if you be not duriffimd (ler- 
vici^ Hommes^hovj mm kW , and by Confe- 
quence you maygueffe by what means he is to 
rife.He muft be united to the Divine light from- 
whenceby difbbedience he was ieparated. A' 
Flafh, or Tinflure of this mull come, or he can " 
no more dilce.n things fpiritually, then he caii- 
dif^inguifh Colours naturally withour the light - 
of the Sun. This light defcends . and is united" 
to him by the fame Ivkanes as his Soul was at ' 
fiift. Ifpeak not here of the Symbelicall exte- 
riour Dcfcent from ilie PrrjtatypicalU^lAficts to 
the Created fphercs and thence mNollem 
' Corporis : but I Ipeak of that moil fccret and 
filent Laps of the Sptnt per Form.^.rum yuitura- 
Imm Sertcni. and this is a myflery not eafily ap- 
prehended. It is a Cabaltfiicali niaxime^ NitlU 
res fptrttH^tlis defcsndens inferiii^ oper atplr fine .. 
E 4 Indti' j 

4^ Anthropoiopnia 

IndnmeTito, Confider well of it with your 

felvcs, and take heed you wander not in the 

y Circumference. The Soul of Man whiles flie is 

in the BoAy^ is li ke a Candle fliut up in a daik- 

P Lanthorn or a Fire that is ahiiol^ rtifl'd for wane 

of Aire. Spirits (fay the ?Utonicks\ 

Prod. when they are tn fna patna^ are hkc 

dc Ani. the Inhabitants of ^Lccn Fields , who 

Jive perpetually amongft F lowers. m a 

ISficieoderoas Aire .• but \\QX^Lelow , in Sph^ra, 
Gcnerationis^ Thcy mourn becauleof darkncffe, 
and folitudc, like people lock'd up in zTeJh 
ho{^f.\ Ht/ic mntiwtt , ci^imn^ue dolcm^ Ct*^. 
This is it mikes the Sou\ fubjert to fo many 
Pallions, to fuch a Protetis of humors. Now 
fhc flourifhcs , now (lie withors , now a fmilc, 
now a tear And when fhe hath play'd out 
her rtockjchen comes a Repetition of the fame 
fancies , till at laft flic cries out with Seneca^ 
QfiOHfgne eadjm? This is occaiioned by her 
va.ft , and infinite Capacity, which is fatishcd 
with nothing but God from whom at firlt fhe 
defcended. Ic is miraculous to confider how 
(lie (truggles with her Chaines when Man is in 
Extremity, how flie fallifies with Fortune; 
what pomp , what pleaiiiic , what a Paradile 
doth flie propoie toherfclf? ([\^ fpans King- 
doms in a Thought, and injoyes all that in- 
wardly^ which ilhc iiiij(feth outwardly. In her 


Theomagica. 47 

re patterns and Notions of all things in the 
;orld. If fhc but fancies her lelf in the m'ldil of 
leSea, pieiently (he is there^ and hears theru- 
,-uag of the BiUowes : (he makes an Invifible 
oynge from one place to another, and prelents 
5 her fclf things abfent, as if they were prefent. 
'he dead live to her, there is no grave can hide 
aem fiom her thoughts. New (he is here m dirt 
nd mire, and in a trice above the Moon : 

eljior exurgifplnviis^aHdit^ue rttentes 

fih pedihfis Nimbos^^ c&ca lomtrua. calcat. 

But this is Nothing. If (he were once out of 
le Body (he could ad all thatAvhich (he ima- 
in'd m mowento (lai th Agnff^i) c^Hicqmd eupt^ 
(fequeremr. In this (late fhe can movere Hu- 
^ores ntiijoris Avnmalis , make general Com- 
lotions in the Twofphdtres of Aire ,, and water, — 
idali-er the Complexions of Times. Neither is 
lis a Fable but the unanimous Tcnent of the - 
irahtiins\N\\h the two princes Avicei^roft^a.nd - 
tvicer). She hath then an abfolate power in 
uraculous and more tl^n naiurall Tranfmuta- 
ons. She can in an Infiant transfer her own 
jfTell from one place to another, She canCo^r 
nonem cnm virttite umverpih) infufe , and 
)mmnnicare her thoughcs to the Abfent , be , 
« diitance never fo great ; Neither is there any 


4? Anthropolbpliia 

thing under the Sun but (he may know it , anc 
remaining oncly in one place, Hie can acquain 
her ielf with the A6lions of all places whatfo 
ever. I omit to Ipcak of her Al^tg-^^t , where- 
with (Le can attra6^ al! things as well Sp^rim 
all, as naturall. F/*ta/iY, Nullun! 
Cor.Agr. opus efl in totk N^apurd ferie tAtn 
Ardtmm^ tarn cxcellens^ tarn deni^ 
miracufvfum^ cjnod zAnimi htiman^t Diviftita- 
tisflid Ortginem conjccutA^ Q^am vacant Ma- 
gi Animiimflantem, (jr non (^.tdentem^ proprit 
virthus, abfyne omni Extcrno Admmicpilo no; 
ejtteat e^cere. But who is he inti'r totmilh. 
Philofcphanttum^ that knows her Nature fub 
ftantialiy, and the genuine, fpecificali ule there 

of? This is Abraham's jecntm 
Sepher. magnum , maxtme mirable, q^ occm 
Tetz. tifpimum fcx Annulis figilUtum, C 

p.v eis exeunt ^gnis^ Aqtia^ (^ A 
Qha dividuyitMY in Mares ^ ^yVceminoi* W 
(hould therefore pray continually , That ^o 
would open our E\ es whereby we mi^ht fee t 
imploy that Talent . which he hath beftowe 
upon us. but lyes buried now in the ground,an 
doth not fiuc^ifie at all. He it is, to whom w 
ni^'ft be united ContaBu Ejfenttali, and then ^'V 
fhail know all things revelatafdcte^ per clara? 
in Divino Luminel^iftoncm, This Influx tror 
Hini is the true, proper Efficient of our Rcgcne 


Theomagica. 49 

ion , that cmfk» of Saint Johf2^ the feed of 

id which rcmaines in us. If this bj cnce ob- 

ned,we need not Icrve under ^rifi lU o^(ja^ 

, nor trouble our fclves with foolifh Vtrunts 

d Ergos^ for his Uy'd:ion will inilrudt us in all 

'ings. But indeed the Decline of the SchoqU 

'?« which in a manner makes God and Na^ 

re Contraries, hath io weakened our Confi- 

:nce towards Heaven, that we look upon all 

eceptions from theiKe. as Impoffib Lties. But 

things were well weighed. 3 nd this Cloud of 

radition remov'd, we fliould quickly finde 

lat God is more ready to give , then we are to 

ceive. For He made Man (as it were) for his 

lay-felloWjiEhat he might furvey and examin 

is works. The inferior Creatures he made not 

br themlelves, but his own Glory .♦ glory 

je could not receive from any thing fo perfe^:- 

y, as from Map, who having in him the Spirit 

)f diicretion , might judge of the Beauty of 

:he Creature , and conlequently praife the 

Creatour. Wherefore alio God gave him the 

the uie of all his works ^ and m Paradiie how 

familiar is He, or rather how doth he play with 

Adiim ? Otit of the Ground ( fayth 

Gen. the Scripture) the Lord God formed 

cveiy Beaft of the Ficld,and cvtry fowl 

of the air , and brought them unto A dam to 

fee what he would call t han , and whatfocvcr 


50 Anthropofophia 

^^-siw^catled every living Creatwre , chat vw 
the Name thereof. Theie were the Books whi 
God ordained for Adam.^ and for us hisPoft 
rity, not the Qiiinteffence of Artfiotle^ iior tl 
Temperament oi (jd/efithc Antt'(^hrifi, B 
this is trrttare Cr^ones : Now will the Ter 
•patetickj brand me vvith their Qontra ^rfncif 
and the School-Divines with a Tradutm f 
t^HA, I know I (hall be hated of mofi for n 
paines, and perhaps feoff 'd at lijce ^nhagon 
in Lucian, Qtiisemet EHgcnmm ? Qnis fupe 
Jtlommem ejfc vult ? Quisfctre Vniverd Hai 
tnoniam , er revtvifcere denm ? B'lt becaur< 
according to their own Mafter. V^cw -nfMawp 
•f#r , and that an AflBrmati\« of this Natur 
cannot fail to the Ground with a Chnftian , 
will come to my Oath, I do therefore piotel 
before my glorious God , I have not writtei 
this out of malice, but out of zeal and Affedi- 
to the Trueth of my Creatour. Let them tak< 
heed then, lealt whiles they contemn myikries 
they violate the Majefty of God in his Crea- 
tures, and trample the Bloud of the Covenant 
under Foot. But lliall I not be counted a Con 
jurcr, feeing I follow the Principles oi^omelim 
Agrippa^ that grand hrchimagus^ as the A«r/- 
ChrtfliAn Jefuits call Him ? He indeed is my 
Author, and next to God I owe all that " 
have unto Him . wh^ fliould I be afham'd to 


/ 1 ' 

V^ '/u^- )y/ix^7^r- ■ Tu^o lit ^frr-J^^ 


if ^' f' 

S: T- '^ ; 

Theomagtca. $j 

iigeD^os Kngncs.Micefl Agrippa.Supernis 

DtJniffii FaXit^ Igmtus, 
^js:\\.niAg''Hm\v\^2iXinec in ullo Sydere [ulfit 

Natura fle^wr Deo . 
fi Sacratus/-^»fo Spiramine I.ychnus, 

Luftraret: Auieas Solumf 

?d nimis offenfaj faf^El^^ mignatio Flamma^ 
^ona C(zlitHm jubtt . 

J«/i d Bcm'md infperfuiTi leUor^mirnhere fucum 
Ncc cernis ct%nm fit Fcrmina,/r ^^ Venus, 
'anFt-im oculis falvcre umbram^ fiictemc^'^ ^ube- 
f TotHs iirm magnum diriiTe Cornelia m.ft^?, 
[hiS'it d'.cas te hdfiffe m Vultibus, t/f.'-^rj 
Qiivel nulla dedtt/ziecdahtt hIU Parem. 

Jreatjglorlous- Pfi8-3/j« ! whom I (hould not rtamCj 

eft I inighc Seem to meifurcTbee by Fam, 

Matures Apadle, and her Choice High Pyiejf^ 

ler 'SMydkally and bright hvangelift. 

low am I rapt when 1 contemplate Thee^ 

nd winde my Celf above A'i that I /ct ? 

he Spimi of thy {.i»ev infufe a Fir? 

ike the ir(ydds Souly which makes me thws afpire : 

am unbodCdby thy Books, and T^e, 

.nd in diy Papen findc ray Exftafie, 




fl 54 Anthropofophia 

r if I pie afe but to defccnd a ftr ain. 
Thy Eiamnts do ^l^f-een my Soul again. 

. I can wtcLeJfe my Self by thy bright G'^jJ?^ 
- And ^znreftcme i\\ Inciofure, as I rvas. 
Now I am Earth, and now a Star, and theri 
A Stnrit : now a Star^ and £^//; agen. 
Or if I will but ramafle alithat be. 
In the leaft moment I mgrcjfe all Three, 

1 fpan the Heav'/i and Earthy and ;/^/»gJ above ^ 
And which is morc^ joyn l^atmes with their /i»if, 

.., -^ He Crowns my Siul with Fi/f^ and there doth J/j;»e 
• /• But like the Kam-bo-v n a C'o«^of mine. 
Yet there's a Laxv by which I difcompofe 
The AlheSy and the Fr^g it felf difdofc. 
But in his Emraid ftill He doth appear. 
They are but Gra-ve- do hes which he fcatters here. 
^^ Who fees this Fire without his Ma^li. his Eye 
y muft needs hzfwciUow'd by the i^^t, and ^?£. 
Thefe are the My(ienes for which I wept 
Glorious ^grippa, where thy Language j?cpr, 
where thy doili Texture made me wander far. 
Whiles through that pathlcs "Sight ^ I trac'd the (lai 
^^ But I have found thole Alyfleries, for which 

Thy B9oli was more then thrice-pU*d o're with Pitch 
^- Now a new Eaji beyond the ftars I fee 
wrhcrc breaks the Day of thy Divimtie : 
Heav'a ftates a Commerce here with JW j», had He 
but grateflill Hands to //li^f , and Eyes to fee, 
. Hence you fond School- men jdixc high truetks derld^ 
1 And with no Argumems but i^oyfe, and Pride y 
\ You that damn all but what your Selves mvent, 
^ And yet finde nothing by Experiment, 
Your Fate is written by an unfeen Hand, 
But his Three Bsff^s with the Tf?m wwdds ftiall ftand 


TheomagicaJ $5 

Thus far Reader I have handrd die Gompo- 
urc and Royalty of Man, I Hiall now fpeake 
omething of his DiffolfitfoM^^nd clofe up my 
Difcour{e,as he doth h'S Life, with Dt.ith, 
Death is ReccjJHS vttA m Ahjcondttnm : not 
•he Annihilation, of any one Particle, but a Re- 
reat of hidden Natures to the fame State they 
vere in, before they were Manifelied . This is 
xcafioned by the Difproportion and inequality 
^f the Matter: For when the Harmony is bro- 
ken by the Exccfle of any one PiiiKipIc, the vi- 
all Twift ( without a timely Reduction of the 
itll Vnity ) Disbands and unravells , In this 
'B^cejfe the feverall Ingredients of Man returne 
tliole feverall Elements, from whence they 
:ameat firft in their Accefle to z Compon^d ^ 
ht to thinke that God creates any thing ex 
tiht/o in theworkeot Generation, is a pure 
Metafhypcall tvhymfey , Thus the Earthly 
'arts , as we fee by experiei^ce, returne to the 
T^rth^ the C^leflidi to a Superiour heavenly i 
Lirnhns^ and the Spirit to God that gave it . j 
Either (liould any wonder that I affirme the 
^teitofthe living God to be in Man, w^hcii 
' jod himfelfe doth acknowledge it for his own. 
Myfprit (faith he )^alLnot alwaies be Jhea- q^^, 
fnd ( for fo the Hebrew fignifics ) in mah^ for 
hat he alfo isflejhjet his dayesfljall be an htn^ 
kcd and twenty year es , Befidcs^the breathing 
'" -'i-, ,^ .,• . P of '! 

5^ Anthropofophia 

of it into Ads'.m proves it p:occedcd from God, 
and therefore the Spirit of Gcd . Thus Chrift 
breathed on his Apoilles ^ and they received 
the Holy Cfhoft , In Ez^echieUhc Spirit comes 

^^om the Fo^.re JVmds, and B.eathes upon the 

V Slaine, that they might live . Now this Spirit 

was the Spirit of Life, the fame with that 

Breath of Life which was breathed into the 

J Firfi Man , and he became a Ltvim^Soale : 
but without doubt the Breath or Spirit of Life 
Is the Spirit of God. Neither is this Spirit i» 

Man alone, but in all the Cjr-at H^orld though 

^, after an other manner: For God brc^nhes coy:^ 

' , timally^ and pafleth through all things like an 

. v4/V^ that reirefhcth: wherefore alio he is cal- 

/ led of Pjthafor as A'V^^t^T^^ o^'^'i, A^itmatto u- 

niverforum^ Hence it is that God in Scripture 

hath fevcrall names according to thofe icverall 

Offices he performes in the Prefervation of his 

V Creature. Qiitn ctiam ((-xxih rht Areopagite) 

inmentihtis ipfum ineffe dicunt ^ atq\ in Am-- 

mis^ ^ in corporibm^ & m (^do ejfe^ atq\ in 

Terra^ac fimtdm feiffo'^ Eundem in Munda 

ejfe, circa muyidptm^ fupra mundum, fufra CtZ- 

lumjHpertoremEJfer.tia^ Solem^ Stellam^ Ig- 

mm^ Aqiiam, Spiritum^Rorem^ Nebnlam^ If- 

fum Laptdem^l^etram, Omnia effe cjua funt 

C^ nihil corum cjrfdt funt. And moft certaine, ii 

is becaufc of his fecrct paffage and Penetration- 



Theomagica ' 57 

through all, that other fimile in T> tony fins \va5 
given him. Adametuim (iaithhe) c^ quod 
omnittm vtlijjimum ejfe, er magis ahfuranm 
vtdetur : Iffumfiht vermis fpeciem adhtbere^ 
4ih i]S , Qm in rebus Dtvinn mtdtum , dmcj'^ 
verfatifunt, effe traditum . Now this Figura- 
'tive kind of fpeech. with its variety of Appella- 
tions, is not only proper to Holy Writt, but the 
t/£gypttay2s alfo(as Plutarc'r tells me)caird /- 
[is^ or the more fcciet part of Nature , Myri. 
onymos\ and certainely that the fame thng, 
(houldhaveaThoufandNaines, is no newes - 
to fuch as have ftudied the Philofophcrs Stone. - 
But to rcturne thither whence we have digi'ef- 
fed . I told you the feverail Ptinciplcs ofMau 
in his DtjfolHtton^ part, as fometimes Friends 
doe. fever dl ivayes . Eart h to earth, as our v L /- 
r;/r^/>hathit, and Heaven to Heaven, accor- 
ding to that of LticrettHs . 

Ceiit item retro de Terra quod fiilt ante, , 
In Terram : & quod mifj'um efl ex JEthe/-is Oris, 
ldrur[iim CcslifttkeniiaTern^lareceptant, 

But more exprefly the Divine Virgil fpcak- 
ing of his Bees, 

J,, ^is ^idam fignis, atque bac Exempla fecuti 
1 E^ dipibHS partem V>i'vma Mmis^ & Haufius 

^8 Anthropofopiiia 

Mthereos dixere : Deum namque ire per Omnes 
Terrafque TraHufcjue Mani^Coelumque pefundtm. 
hinc Fuudcs^Aimmtajl^iyosfienus omne Fera/umi 
^uemqncfibi tenuti Nafcentem anejfere Vitas. 
Scilicet: hue /eddi dc'mJe , ac nfoluta referri 
Omnia. : nee Morti cfle locum; Sed Vtva volare 
SyMerff in Numemm^atque alto Succcdm Coslo. 

This Vanilli, or afcent of the inward Ethere" 
/?// Principles doch not preiently follow their 
feparation : For that part of man which Partu 
celfns calls Hom^ Sydereus , and more appofit- 
ly Brntum homini^ : but <iAgrifpa Idolum 
and Vtrgil 


&ther€um,fer}fitm atg, Ahyai Sintflicis Jgns ; 

This part I fay, which is the Aflrd Man 

hovers ibmetinies about the Dormitories of 

the Dead, and that bccaufe of the Magnet ifm^ 

or Sympathie which is between him and the 

Radical, vital moyliure. In this Idolnmis the 

feat of the Imagination , and \i rctaincs after 

Death an Imprclle of thofe pafHons , and Afl&- 

dions to \vhich it was liibjed in the Body. This 

makes Him luunt thofe Places, where the 

whole Man hath been moft Converfant , and 

imitate the anions, and geftures of Life. This 

Mas^nctilm is ej^ccllcntly confirmed by that me* 



Theomagica. J9 

morable accident at Paris^ which Do(5lor Tlnd 
proves to be true by the tcftimonics of great.and 
iearned Men. ^^^rrppa alio fpeaking of the ap- 
parition? of the Dead, hath thele words. Sed 
Xfr -^pfi Ego , <J^<£ rneis O cults vtdt^c^ manihus 
tettgi, hoc loci referre nolo , fie nte ob Rerutn 
flupendam Admtrattonem de Mendacio ah In- 
crednlis aren't comngat. But this Scdinc ae- 
ccedes not the Circuit of One year , for when 
the Body begins fully to corrupt, "the Spitit re- 
turi^estohisOriginall Element. Thefe Appa- 
ritions have made a great noife in the worJd.not 
withbut Ibme Benefit to the Pope • But I fhail 
rcfcrvc all for my great work , where I (hall 
more fuUy handle thefc myftericsr 

I am now to fpeak of Man as he is fubje6^ to 
a Supernatural judgement: And to be l1hor;,my 
Sentiment is this. I conceive there are bcfides 
the Empyracall Heaven, two inferior Manfions, 
or Receptacles of Spirics.The One is that, which 
Our Saviour calls <^'w •fowefv^ and this is it 
whence there is no Redemption .• ♦B'w ^'^^rr 
u$0htimf ^ »W^ (<>y4nim(Z nun^jfi^'Jff egredinntur^ 
as the Divine Plato hath it. The Other I fup- 
pofe, is Ibme what anfwerable to the ^lyfian 
Fields, Ibme delicate, pleafant Region, the Sub- 
urbs of Hea/ven as it were ; Thofe Seven migh- 
tj Mountaincs, whereupon there grow Rofes 

7 \ 


60 Antnropoiopnia 

and Lilies, or the Outgoings ofParadife in E/- 
dr.K. Such was that Place , wheie the Oracle 
told Ameims the Ibul oiTkiiniu was. 

Uhi (*y4micitia e/?, ubt Cupido vifu mollis, 
PurdiplerHi Lxtitia^c^fempitems Rtvis 
jimbrofiit; irrtgatHS a Deo ,- unde funt Amorpl 
^etmacula^DHlci:> Spir t^s,(y "^ranqmllas J^^ 
t/inreiGemris magnijcivis, (ther 

%tellattis fiippofcth there is a Succeffive, gra- 
duall afcent of the Soul according to the procefs 
of Expiation and he makes her Inter -Refidence 
in the Moon But let it be where it will, my O- 
pinion is. That this middlemoft manfion is ap- 
pointed for iuch Soules whofe whole man hath 
not perfcdly repent in this world : But not with- 
ftandmg they are de SalvxndorHm nnmero^ and 
referved in this place to a further Repentance in 
the fpirit, for thofe Offences they committed in 
the Flelli.I do not here maintain thzzlg^t^ fa- 
tnus of Purgatory, or any fuch painted , imagi- 
nary Tophet, but that which I ijxak of (if 1 am 
not much miftakcn) I have a ftrong Scripture 
for. It is that of Saint Peter, where he fpeaks 
of Chrift being put to Death in the Flejh , hat. 
Qtitck^ned by the Jpirit ; By whtch alfo he 


TheomagiGa. 6 1 

^?77t^a?2dj>reachedw7tothe fftrhs thitwere in 
Fr 'fon : which [cmctimes iverc dtf9bedte?7t whe*^ 
orxe the lor:g-fHJfertng of (joci waited in tl^e 
Djjes of JVoah , rvhile the Ark^was ap*-cpa^ 
rr/tg, rvhereifi Few, that is^efght Sotds were fa- 
ved by IV^iter, Thefe fpirics were the fouls of 
thofe who pcriflied in theFIoud, and were re- 
ferved in this place till Chrift lliould come, and 
I preach Repentance unto them. I know Scaliqtr 
thinks to evade this Conftru6lion with his Qui 
Tunc. That they were then alivenamely before 
the Floud when they were preached unto. But 
I fhall overthrow this fingle Ncn-fenfe wath 
Three 'olid Reafons drawn out of the Body of 
the Text. Firrt,it is not fayd that the fpirit it fclf 
precilely preached unto them^but He who went- 
thither by the Spirit, namely Ghrift in the Hy- 
poftacicall union of his SouJ and Godhead, 
which union was not before the Floud, when 
thefe Dead did Jive. Secondly, it is written that 
he preached unto fpirits, not to Men . to thole 
which were in Prilbn, not to thole which were 
in ijivts , Tvlf cKpuKetxti nfiv'iJ»ct , which is quite 
contary toScaliger ; and this Exposi- 
tion the Apol-lle confirms in another Cap.4. 
place , »e»e?/f i^-^^h\iSm , the Dead vcr.^. 
were preached to , not the living. 
Thirdly, the Apollle faycs. Thefe ipirits were 
but fometimes difbbedient, and withall tells us 
F 4 when. 

6z Anthropofophia 

wheiijiiamelyinthcDayes of Noah.whcnct 
I gather they were not difobedient at this time 
of preaching , and this is plain out of the fubfe^ 
quent Chapter. 

For this Caufe (fayth the Apoftle) vpof the 
Gofpe I I preached a/Jo to them that are dead^ that 
they might be judged accord: rg to mejg in ths 
flelhy hut live according to God tn the Spirit, 
Now this J'.sdgenient in the ¥{:(h was grounded 
on their D.fobedience in c'lc Dayes of Noah, for 
which alio they were di owned, biu Sa/v^thn 
according to 'Jod in the Spirit proceeded from 
their R.p- ntance at the preaching of Chrift ; 
which was after death. I do not impofc this oq 
the Reader, as if I fate in the infallible Chairc, 
but I am confident the Text of it felf will fpeak 
no other fenfc. As for ihe Doil-lirinc it is no way 
hurtfuU , but in my Opinion as it dctrails not 
from the Mercy of God^fo it addes niuch to the 
Comfort of M in. 

I fhiil now fpeakc a word more concerning 
my felf and another concerning the Common 
Philofophy and then] have done. It will be 
qiicflion'd perhaps what lam , and efpecially 
what my Religion is ? Take this (liort anfwcr. 
I am neither Papift nor Sectary, but a true . re- 
folute Protcfi \nt in the beii knit of the Church 
ofEnghind Pnr Philofophy as it nowftands, 
it is alcogechcr imperfe^j and withail falic. A' 


Tneomagica. 6]^ 

ineer Apothecaries Drug , a mixture of inconfi- 
Iknt Contrary Principles, which no way agree 
with the Harmony, and Method of Nature. Jn 
a word, the whole Encychp^dta (as they call 
it) batcing the Demonftracivc Mathematical! 
part, is buUt on meer Imagination without the ~ 
ieaft Light ofExperience. I vvifh thacfore all 
the true Tofli of my famous Oxford Mother to 
Jooke beyond ArtfiotU^ and not co nfine their 
Intellcd to the narrow , and cloudy Hortzjm 
of his Text, for he is as jfhort of Nature , as the 
Gr^-mmariims ai e of Steganogra^hy. I expert 
not their Thanis for this my Advice^cx Difcom 
vcry^ but verily the Time will come, when this 
Trueth fhall be more perfectly manifefted, anJ 
e^iecialJy that great, and glorious niyftery; 
whereof there is little Ipoken in this Booj^ 
Solus Rex Meffias , Verhum Parts Carofa- 
Bum , Arcamm hoc revdavit^ (^li^aa Tern^ 
forts ^lemtHdine aperPms m^yiifellaturns* It is 
Cor^ielius A^nppyj owne predi(5^ion, and I am 
confident it fhall find Patrols inough whcnno^ 
thing rcmaines heve of me^ but Memory. 

My fwceteft Jefus I 'twas thy I'^oice : If I 
he If ted fip^ J le draw all to tlje skje, ^^ 

Yet lam here : I'm {^ifi'd in this Clay, 
Shut up from Thee, and tlie frcfh 8aji of 2)4/, 

64 Anthropofophia 

I know thy Hifwds not fhort • but I'm unfit 
A fonic. unclean Thing ! to take hold of it, 
I am all Dtrr : Nor can I \\o\x. to pleafe, 
Unles m mercy thou lov'ft a Difeap, 
Dif"^ifis may be Cur'd : But who'! reprieve 
Him that is ^.W ? Tell me my God, I live. 
'Tis true, I live .• Bat I fo fleep withall, 
I cannot movc\(c2iict hear when thou doeft cat. 
Sins LMUhies charm me when I would come, 
Y»'\X.^Tiix9 me .zfter thee, and I will run, 
Tiiou know'ft I 'mftckj. lee me notfeafied he^ . 
But keep a Diet^nd frefcrih'd by Thee, 
Should I carve for vnyfelf, I would exceed 
To St4rfcts(oon, and by [elf -murder bleed. 
I a^k for floy7es zwdfcorpions^ but ftill croft, (loft 
And ail for Love : (liould'ft Thou grant, I were 
Dear Lord deny me (hll : ^nd never figne 
My will but when that will agrees with Thine, 
And when this Confli6l's pali, and I appear 
To anlwer.what a l^.itient I was here, 
How I did weep, when Thou did 'ft woe^reptne 
Ax. thy beft flreets, and in a Chtldiflj whyne 
R'^fiife thy profter'd Love ; yet cry^znd call 
For Rattles of my own to play withall ; 
L-ook on thy Crojfe, and let thy Bloud come in, 
W.ien mi-^c (lull blufti as^^/jf/7r>'of my Sin 
Then ftiall I live, being relcu'd in my Fall 
A Text of Aier^y to thy Creatttre /all, 



Theomagica. 6 5 

who having (een the ivor/l of /i;^s in me, 
Muft needes confefle, the i^efl o^ Loves in Thee. 

I have now done Reader, but how much to 
my own prejudice,! cannpt tell, I am confident 
ithisfhaJl not pa fle without Noife , but I may 
do well inout^h if thou gi'ant'fl me but one Rc^ 
^!4eft, 1 would not have Thee look here for the 
Tawt, and Trim of Rhetor ick^, and the rather 
' becaiife E'rigli(h is a Lanfruage the Anthor was 
;;<?f ^t;r« r^.Befides, this P/^c*^ was compos'd in 
Hafle^ and in my Dayes of Mourn; Kg^ on the 
fad Occur e nee o{2L Brother's Death, Et Quis 
didicit fcrtbere in lHB:a, Lacrjmartim^ ^ <\/it^ 
rawentt ? 

To Conclude : Iflhavecrr'd in any Thing 
(and yet I followed the Rptles of Creation) I 
expoie it not to the Mercy of Man , but of 
(^od : who as he is moft able ^ (b alio is he 
mofl willing to forgive us in the Day of our 




A N 



F the old Itch of 
Scribling,a Dz/M/e 
very proper to Gale 
»//?j,furprife any of 
their Triie , I (hall 
expeft from them 
g^, thefe following per- 
formances. Firft,a 
plain Ppfittie Expoption of all the 


68 An Advertifement 

pajf.^ges in this Book , without any //2- 
juryto the fenfeoi their Author : For 
it they interpret Them othermfe then 
they ought ^ they but Create Err ours 
of their o^*/? ^ and then overthrow 

Secondly, to prove their FamiUari' 

$y and knovpleclge in this ^r^ ^ let th^em 

give the Reader a punBuall Difcovery ff 

of /j// the ferrets thereof. If this be ryiore 

then They r^;? do , it is Argument 

enough they khovpmt what they offofe : 

And if they <3^o »ot know^ how can they 

judge ? or if they j^^^^ , where is theit 

£ vidence to cmderfine > 

Thirdly, let Thetij not mangle , and 
difcompofe my Book with a fcatter of 
Ohfervations^ but proceed Methodical" 
ly to the Cenfure of each /^^ y-^, ex found- 
ing what IS ohfcure^ and difcovering the 
verypraBifc^ that the Reader may /t/^fl^a 
my Pofitions to be f/t//<?, not onely in 
thcivTheorie^ butifhe will/^j/f/jtjf iV^by 
his own particular Experience, 

to the Reader. 6^ 

I have two Admonitions mDre to 
the Ingenuous ^^nd well-difpftd Reader. 
iFirft, That he would not flight my In- 
deavours becaufe of mjyeers^svhich are 
but fewAi is che Cuftom of moft men 
to meafure/^/2(?»'/^^^ by the Beard^ but 
Jook Thou rather on the Soul^ an £/*- 
fence of that Nature^ qujt ad per- • 

feRionem fuam Curricula Tem^ Frocl. 
poris non dejiderat, Sea^ndJy, 
that He would not conclude any thing 
rashly concerning the fuhjeB of this art^ 
for it is a Principle not eafily apprehen- 
ded. \tisneit\iQ.i Earth^nor vpater^ air^ 
nOVFire. It is not dold^SHver^Saturn^ 
Antimonie^ or Vitriol^ nor any kind or 
Miner all ^^\\2ii{0Q\jtx, It is not B/oud^ 
nor the Seed of ^ny IndiiJidual^zs fome 
unnatural!, Obfcene Authors have im- 
agin'd. In a vvord, it is no Miner al^no 
Vegetable^ no Animal^ but a fj^em jts it 
were, of ail Three. In plain Terms,it is 
Sperma Majoris Animalis^ The feedof 
Heaved , and Earth , our moft fecret^ 


'^o An Adveitilrnent to, ^d , 

Miraculous Hermaphrodite. If you know 
this^md with it the Hydro-pyro-magical 
^y^j you may with forae fecurity at- 
tempt the w'o^^jf', if not , praBice is the 
yrgiy to Poverty. Affay nothing with- 
out ^r/W^, but confine your felvesto 
thofe Bounds!^ which Nature hath pre- 


-» :gyy 


> > > 

► 30 

^ Oo 

9S>W^ > -' 


'^^^ >Z> 3^r^'^^^K»>; 

►^ ^5^